Are cat scratches worse than dog bites?

Dogs tend to bite and cats are more likely to scratch. Cat bites get infected at a much higher rate than dog bites. Cat scratches and bites can cause cat scratch disease. If you have a bad bite or scratch, head to the ER.

Is it necessary to take injection after cat scratch?

When these cats bite or scratch you, the clock starts to tick. “See a doctor within eight hours to cut your infection risk,” says emergency medicine physician Stephen Sayles III, MD. “You may need intravenous, or through the vein, antibiotics or, in some cases, you may even need to be hospitalized.”

Do you need rabies shot after cat scratch?

Depending on whether you were vaccinated before exposure or not will determine what set of Rabies vaccines you require after a bite or a scratch: If you were not vaccinated against Rabies, you need a series of 4-5 vaccines and the Human Rabies Immunoglobulin (HRIG) over a period of 14 days after the bite or scratch.

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Are cat scratches or bites worse?

Animal bites that don’t break the skin are not at risk for infection. Scrapes or scratches that just graze the skin’s surface have a minimal risk of infection. Cuts or lacerations have a higher risk of infection. Puncture wounds caused by cats are considered to have the highest risk of infection.

Why do cat scratches hurt more than dogs?

A cat’s claws are generally sharper than those of a dog and are more likely to cause significant trauma, Mahaney explains. The greater the trauma, the greater the potential for swelling, exposure to the blood supply, and chance of infection, he adds.

Do I need a tetanus shot after a cat scratch?

Tetanus. Tetanus is a serious infection caused by a bacterium called Clostridium tetani. It’s recommended that you have a tetanus booster after a cat bite if it’s been more than 5 years since you’ve had the vaccine.

Do I need antibiotics for a dog scratch?

Call your doctor if the bite or scratch broke or punctured the skin, even if the area is small. A child who is bitten by an animal may need antibiotics, a tetanus booster, or rarely, a series of rabies shots.

When should I be concerned about a dog scratch?

Make sure to check the scratch for signs of infection, which include increased heat, redness, swelling, pain or red streaking on the skin. Monitor the wound for at least 72 hours, and if you experience any of those symptoms, seek the attention of a medical professional immediately.

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Can a dog bite or scratch make you sick?

Even so, pet bites or scratches can still happen. If you are bit or scratched by a dog or cat, even your own, infections that can follow are serious. Don’t ignore infection symptoms or wait to seek medical care. Pet bites and scratches can cause infection. Cats carry a bacterium in their saliva called Pasteurella multocida, which can make you sick.

What should you do for a cat bite or scratch?

First, you want to try to flush out as much bacteria as possible and then irrigate the wound with water. Next, wash the wound with mild soap and water. Slow the bleeding with a clean cloth and apply over-the-counter antibiotic cream if you have it. Then, wrap the wound in a sterile bandage.

What happens when you get a scratch from a cat?

The infected area may appear swollen and red with round, raised lesions and can have pus. A person with CSD may also have a fever, headache, poor appetite, and exhaustion. Later, the person’s lymph nodes near the original scratch or bite can become swollen, tender, or painful. Wash cat bites and scratches well with soap and running water.

Can you get Cat Scratch Fever from a cat bite?

People can also contract cat scratch fever, also called cat scratch disease (CSD). This comes from cats infected with Bartonella henselae bacteria from flea bites, blood transfusions or fighting with other infected cats. A bite, scratch or even the saliva of an infected cat can pass it along.