Are Bannatyne Spas good?

The pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms are fantastic and well presented. There is definitely a relaxing ambience to the place.

Are Bannatyne Spas open?

Our Spas are now OPEN! Reschedule Booking – <— Click here! Alternatively, please use our Online Enquiry Form to log your request and a member of the team will be in touch.

Will Bannatynes freeze membership?

You’re welcome to freeze your membership for between 2 and 6 months, to a maximum of 6 months in any rolling 12 month period. A small retaining fee is charged for each month of the freeze, and if you are within a minimum term contract, or prepaid agreement, your membership will be extended by the period of the freeze.

Do Bannatyne Spa provide towels?

If towels are included in your membership fees, are given to you as part of a Day Pass entry or Spa Day or are rented from us, they are provided for use in the Club only and must not be taken away from the Club premises. Theft of towels or deliberate misuse or damage may result in prosecution.

Can you join Bannatynes for 3 months?

5. Joining fee and Membership Subscriptions. (a) From the date of being accepted as a Member, membership shall continue for a minimum period of 3 months unless terminated in accordance with this agreement and shall continue thereafter until terminated in accordance with this agreement.

Does Bannatyne do NHS discount?

We are delighted to announce that our 10% discount for NHS staff has now been extended to staff serving in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services. To receive this discount, on any product or service, please provide ID card/ proof of employment. 10% offered against any product or service at Bannatyne Hotel, Hastings.

Can a 15 year old go to a spa?

Some spas will only offer treatments to teens over 16. Others have a lower age limit but ask that a parent or guardian stays on the premises while the treatments are carried out. If you’re not going to be booking a treatment then a teenager may be allowed to use the spa facilities if they are over the age of 16.

Can spas open UK?

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions on 19th July, spas are now open across the UK. In short, spas are now open, however there may be changes to traditional processes that you need to be mindful of when booking your stay. It may also mean that spa destinations get booked up in advance.

What happens if I lose my Bannatyne wristband?

If you lose, damage or forget your wristband, we will be able to give you a replacement but you will need to pay a reasonable charge. 3.2. If we do not accept your application​. If we are unable to accept your application, we will inform you of this and will not charge you.

Can I bring a guest to Bannatyne?

(c) A Member can bring a maximum of 4 guests at any one time. Social guests can only use the cafe/bar facilities. All guests will be charged at the listed tariffs. (d) Members must be aged 18 years or more before they can sign a guest into the club.

Can I bring a guest to Bannatynes?

How many times can you bring a friend to the gym?

Bring a friend for FREE Bring a friend with you up to four times a month, every month.

Where is the Bannatyne Spa in Stotfold located?

Beautiful relaxing swim and spa facilities are available, with a sauna, spa pool and spa treatments available at the in-house Bannatyne Spa. Address. Kingsley Avenue, Hitchin, SG5 4JJ. Opening Times. Monday – Thursday 06.00 to 22.00. Friday 06.00 to 21.00.

Is there a spa at the Bannatyne hotel Fairfield?

HOT summer offers! When? RELAX THE MIND, SOOTHE THE SOUL AND LIFT THE SPIRIT. Situated in the stunning Fairfield Hall, The Bannatyne Spa Fairfield provides a beautiful setting for escaping the stresses and strains of everyday life.

How often do I have to pay for Bannatyne spa?

Pay in 3 or Later. Pay in 3 interest-free instalments so you can spread the cost. Or get 30 days to pay. Pay later in 3 instalments. The first payment is taken when the order is processed and the remaining 2 are automatically taken every 30 days. Or Get 30 days to Pay: No card details required.

How long is startsmart at Ashford Bannatyne gym?

StartSmart is a 12-week support programme, during which time our trainers will provide guidance and expertise. You will also receive top tips along the way to improve your fitness and wellbeing. Current gym member in need of a kick start?