Who gets zagan Djinn?

Zagan used to live in Alma Torran and was part of King Solomon’s Household. He was also the student of Amon. Zagan was in the Dungeon, Zagan until Hakuryuu, Morgiana, Aladdin, and Alibaba captured it.

What happened to Hakuryuu in Magi?

Before leaving the dungeon, Hakuryuu was bitten by a snake from Ithnan. After leaving the dungeon he was attacked by other members of Al-Thamen. With the members defeated by his teammates’ teachers, Hakuryuu and his friends later returned to the Sindria Kingdom.

Does Hakuryuu get his arm back?

He always carries a polearm, which later becomes his Metal Vessel of Zagan. Originally, Hakuryuu had real flesh limbs, but had lost his left arm to Ithnan and later both legs to Alibaba Saluja.

What does Hakuryuu do with the power of Zagan?

However, unlike other Djinns he gave the role of ruling the Dungeon to Fake Zagan. Zagan has the ability to create and control life, animals and plants. Zagan’s Metal Vessel is a spear. Hakuryuu’s Household is made up of creatures that he made into his servants with Zagan’s power.

Where does Zagan from Pokemon Magi live?

Zagan was in the 61st Dungeon . He dislikes all humans except for Magi. Though despite his hatred for humans he seems to have accepted Hakuryuu Ren as his master. Zagan used to live in Alma Torran and was part of King Solomon ‘s Household. He was also the student of Amon .

How tall is Hakuryuu from Alibaba Saluja?

In the three years Alibaba Saluja ‘s concussioness went drifting thanks to Hakuryuu’s action, he passed the throne onto Kougyoku Ren, and became one of the three most wanted criminals in the world for carrying Zagan ‘s Metal Vessel. Hakuryuu is a young man of average height and build.

Who are the main characters in the Magi series?

This article may contain spoilers from recently released, or unscanlated chapters or episodes! Hakuryuu Ren ( 練 れん 白 はく 龍 りゅう, Ren Hakuryū) is one of the main characters of Magi, and the fourth prince of the Kou Empire. Hakuryuu is also a Dungeon Capturer, capturing two dungeons, Zagan and Belial.