Where is the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands?

Tilburg (Dutch: [ˈtɪlbʏr(ə)x] (listen)) is a city in the Netherlands, in the southern province of North Brabant.

What is the name of the University in Tilburg?

Tilburg University is located in Tilburg, as are Avans University of Applied Sciences and Fontys University of Applied Sciences . Tilburg is known for its ten-day-long funfair, held in July each year. The Monday during the funfair is called “Roze Maandag” (Pink Monday), and is primarily LGBT -oriented.

What are the names of the districts in Tilburg?

Their shape is still reflected in the layout of many places in Tilburg. Many districts, including Korvel, Oerle, Broekhoven, Hasselt, Heikant, De Schans, and Heuvel, bear the names of these old hamlets.

What kind of religion do they have in Tilburg?

The Tilburg agglomeration has the following religious makeup as of 2003: Roman Catholic (60.7%) Atheism (21.7%) Dutch Reformed (7.8%) Islam (4.8%) Reformed (4.4%)

Who was the Lord of Tilburg in the 15th century?

In the 15th century, one of the lords of Tilburg, Jan van Haestrecht, built Tilburg Castle. “That stone chamber at Hasselt” is mentioned in several historical documents. In 1858, however, the castle was pulled down to make way for a factory, but the name lives on, in the city arms and logo.

What’s the name of the railway station in Tilburg?

The Monday during the funfair is called “Roze Maandag” (Pink Monday), and is primarily LGBT -oriented. There are three railway stations within the municipality: Tilburg, Tilburg Universiteit and Tilburg Reeshof.

When did the textile industry in Tilburg end?

Home weaving continued, however, until the early 20th century. Woollen textiles from Tilburg were known far and wide. After World War II Tilburg retained its place as wool capital of the Netherlands, but in the 1960s the industry collapsed and by the 1980s the number of operating wool mills had declined.


When is the 100th anniversary of Tilburg University?

Because we at Tilburg University understand that the development of COVID-19 has a great impact on you as a student, employee or campus visitor, we try to share as much information as possible about the guidelines of Tilburg University on this website. In 2027, the University will celebrate its 100th anniversary.