Where can I buy propylene glycol locally?

You can buy food grade Propylene Glycol (PG) locally in some specialty craft stores (in the baking section), as well as farm supply stores (e.g. Tractor Supply) for use as a livestock health supplement.

How much does propylene glycol cost?

Propylene Glycol

Dowfrost Glycol HD – 1 Gallon Our Price: $69.99 Sale Price: $49.99 You save $20.00! Inhibited Propylene Glycol (95% Solution) – 1 Gallon Our Price: $69.99 Sale Price: $49.99 You save $20.00!
Dowfrost Glycol HD – 1 Gallon Inhibited Propylene Glycol – 1 Gallon

Is propylene glycol banned?

However, propylene glycol is considerably safer (less toxic) than its far more dangerous cousin — ethylene glycol. Yet because of its proven ability to cause a serious type of blood disease in some animals — Heinz body anemia — propylene glycol has been banned by the FDA for use in cat food.

Where can I find propylene glycol at home?

PG can be found in a number of these common products, including toothpaste, perfumes and colognes, cosmetics, deodorant sticks and hand sanitizers.

Can you buy propylene glycol at Walmart?

Propylene Glycol Bottle 1 Quart, 32 oz, USP Food Grade Kosher – Walmart.com.

Does Walgreens have propylene glycol?

WALGREEN STERILE LUBRICANT- propylene glycol solution/ drops.

What can you use in place of propylene glycol?

Propanediol: An alternative to Propylene Glycol.

Does coffee contain propylene glycol?

Coffee itself has its own unique flavors, but plain coffee can get old after drinking it every morning for weeks on end. In general, coffee flavoring contains flavor compounds mixed with a solvent like propylene glycol (the main chemical in antifreeze) in order to attach the flavor chemicals to the beans.

What can be used in place of propylene glycol?