What was the history of the House of Neville?

House of Neville. The House of Neville (also the House of Nevill) is a noble house of early medieval origin, which was a leading force in English politics in the later Middle Ages. The family became one of the two major powers in northern England, along with their rival, the House of Percy, and played a central role in the Wars of the Roses.

Where does the last name Hornby come from?

The roots of the Anglo-Saxon name Hornby come from when the family resided in one of the places called Hornby in Lancashire, Westmorland (now part of Cumbria), or the North Riding of Yorkshire. More common variations are: Horneby, Hornbby, Hornoby, Hornaby, Hornbay, Hornbey, Hornbuy, Harnby, Hurnby.

Where does the last name Nevil come from?

The name has been spelled Neville, Navelle, Nevile, Nevil, Nevill and others. Outstanding amongst the family at this time was Richard Neville (1428-1471), who became the 16th Earl of Warwick, through his mother, a countess.

What is the motto of the Hornby family?

Motto—Crede cornu. Ar. a chev. vert in base a buglehorn stringed sa. on a chief of the second two buglehorns of the field. Crest—A buglehorn stringed sa. and passing through the knot in fesse an arrow, point towards the sinister or.

Who are the characters in Nevill of Birling?

Probably our favourite Nevill of Birling over the generations is Sir George, 5th Baron Bergavenny. Sir George was Chief Larderer for Henry VIII – the renowned gourmond – and also competed for him in France in 1520 on the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Not one to sit around, he also held the post of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

Why was the Neville family important to Scotland?

Service in the wars of the late 13th and 14th centuries against Scotland, and later in the Hundred Years War in France was of key importance in further enhancing the family’s standing.

Who are the descendants of the Middleham Nevilles?

Junior lines of the Middleham Nevilles also survived, including the holders of the Latimer and Bergavenny baronies, based respectively at Snape and at Abergavenny Castle. Edward Neville, Lord Bergavenny had for many years been forcibly deprived of his inheritance by his nephew the Earl of Warwick.