What should you not do after micropigmentation?

For the first 5 days following treatment, you should avoid the following:

  • Sweating heavily – Try not to engage in any intense exercise for 5 days following treatment.
  • Scrubbing and shampooing – Scrubbing the scalp can break the skin and open wounds, and shampooing could introduce harsh chemicals.

What should be avoided after SMP?

Swimming, hot saunas, jacuzzis, steam rooms, and any other type of artificial humidity should be avoided. Any laser or chemical treatments or peelings, and/or any ointments containing RetinA or Glycolic Acid on the face or neck should be discontinued 1 week before and after every SMP Session.

How long does SMP take to heal?

It usually takes around 7-10 days for the scalp to fully heal. For the first few days, the area of treatment may appear red. This should be no cause for alarm, and it indicates the body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

What should I do after SMP?

In general, after SMP treatment, you would like to treat your scalp like an open wound. Don’t wash your scalp and do keep it clean. No chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, or tanning beds for 30 days after your final treatment. This will ensure a good, long-lasting result.

Can I moisturise after SMP?

MOISTURISE YOUR SCALP DURING THE HEALING STAGE As the pigment heals under the skin, little tiny scabs may form. After two days, you can start to moisturise again. This will really help the healing process.

Can you sleep on SMP?

All of the treatment area needs to be kept clean and getting the scalp wet should be avoided. This means that to ensure lasting results, for at least a month after your last SMP treatment you should not use facilities such as saunas, tanning beds, chlorinated pools or steam rooms.

Will SMP completely fade over time?

After your complete sessions, your SMP is expected to last for a long time. It usually lasts up to 6-7 years. Then after some time, the color starts to fade away. Note that even after all these years, your Scalp Micropigmentation does not discolor.

Does SMP last forever?

Scalp micropigmentation is considered a permanent treatment. The treatment can last for up to 6 years or more depending on how the procedure was performed and how it’s taken care of in the following years. Micropigmentation can usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup.

Do people regret SMP?

Will I Regret Scalp Micropigmentation? No, you will not regret it. But in case it is not done well, you will.

When can I shampoo after SMP?

After a scalp micropigmentation treatment, it’s important that your head remain completely dry for at least four days. When showering in the first four days after a treatment, avoid getting any water or shampoo on your scalp. After four days, it’s okay to wash your head using warm water and shampoo.

What should I do after a SMP procedure?

The simple rule to achieving long-lasting results with SMP procedures is striking a balance! To allow your treatment to last longer, here are some long-term aftercare guidelines you should follow: Try to avoid long exposure to the sun. In case, it’s difficult to do so, wear some sunscreen and cover your head with a hat or a scarf.

Do you need to take care of your scalp after SMP?

Even though the procedure is non-invasive, just like other hair loss procedures, SMP requires detailed after-care on your part. Give your scalp the time to recover and heal itself. Keep in mind that it’s normal for scabs to develop in the areas where the SMP pigment has been injected.

What are the aftercare instructions for a tooth extraction?

So, follow the tooth extraction aftercare instructions to prevent these complications. The aftercare instructions include biting on the gauze pad for 30 minutes, avoiding hot foods and drinks, and taking the prescribed painkillers. You will follow these aftercare instructions for the next few days after the tooth extraction.

Is it normal for scabs to develop after SMP?

Give your scalp the time to recover and heal itself. Keep in mind that it’s normal for scabs to develop in the areas where the SMP pigment has been injected. With time as your scalp heals, these scabs are going to disappear. Besides that, here are a few other things you need to keep in mind: