What kind of salt do you use for a belly button piercing?

To make a salt soak, dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in half a cup of boiled water. Allow the water to cool slightly, then transfer it to a clean glass or medicine cup. Do not use iodized salt, kosher salt or Epsom salts, as these can irritate the piercing.

Can I clean my belly button piercing with sea salt and water?

Cleaning belly button piercing with saline solution Just add a teaspoon of table or sea salt to half a cup of boiled water. Don’t use any other kind of salt! When the time is up, rinse your belly button thoroughly using clean, fresh water. Finally, dry it with a tissue or paper towel.

What kind of salt helps piercings?

sea salt
UsE ONE OR bOTh OF ThE FOllOWING PROdUCTs ON YOUR hEAlING PIERCING: Packaged sterile saline solution made for wound care (read the label), or a non-iodized sea salt mixture you make yourself: dissolve 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt into one cup (8 oz.) of warm distilled or bottled water.

Can I wear high waisted jeans with a belly button piercing?

It is recommended that you do not wear high waisted jeans to your piercing appointment. After you have your belly button pierced, high waisted jeans would compress the new, sore site and potentially snag your jewelry. This will only lengthen the healing time and may even cause permanent trauma to your skin.

Can I use Morton Sea Salt for piercing?

container. The single best thing you can do for your piercing is to keep a regular regimen of salt water soaks. These flush out the piercing, help to draw out discharge, stimulate blood circulation, and soothe irritations.

How can I make my belly piercing heal faster?

USE WARM SEA SALT WATER (SALINE) SOAKS – MORNING AND EVENING it will also help prevent infection, reduce the risk of scarring, and speed the healing of your piercing. Do not touch your piercing without first washing your hands; and leave your jewelry in at all times! Wash your hands thoroughly.

Should I clean my belly button piercing the first day?

You should do it once that first day. After that, aim for twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. The saltwater will help break down the crust that may form over the area that has been pierced. Plus, it’s a great cleanser and natural healer.

Can I use Morton sea salt for piercing?

Can I use natural sea salt to clean my piercing?

The single best thing you can do for your piercing is to keep up a regular regimen of salt water soaks. Use pure sea salt (non-iodized) and not table salt, which contains extra chemicals that can irritate your piercing and dextrose (sugar) that can cause yeast infections.

Can you sit with a belly button piercing?

Honestly, if you belly ‘winks’ when you sit down, navel piercing is not a good option. Reason being, the pressure caused by the top and bottom will cause irritation to the piercing when you sit. In worst case it might force the jewelry to migrate.

Can I wear leggings after a navel piercing?

DON’T wear tight clothes such as pantyhose, tight jeans or skirts (during the healing phase) because they can cause the piercing to grow out, which means that the piece of flesh taken by the piercing gradually diminishes until the ring finally comes out; after the piercing is healed you may wear anything you like.

What does a sea salt soak do for a piercing?

Why Your New Piercing Needs a Sea Salt Soak. When you get a piercing, you’re deliberately creating an opening in your skin on part of your body. One way to help your new piercing stay healthy is to soak it in a sea salt or saline mixture. Doing this can keep your wound clean and promote healing.

Is there sea salt spray for belly button piercing?

This sea salt spray for belly button piercing is electrically charged in terms of supporting inflammation, skin against any irritation, or post-procedure sensitivities. This is one such potent signaling solution that mimics the essence of human healing.

What kind of sea salt do you use for a piercing?

(Moisture is essential for proper healing). 1 Do not use table salt, kosher salt, Epsom salts, or iodized sea salts. Non-iodized fine-grain sea salt is best for avoiding additives, as well as its ability to dissolve into a solution. Do not make the solution too salty, as that can be irritating to the piercing and the skin.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean a piercing?

Do not use harsh cleansers, antibacterials, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide to clean your piercing, as these may be irritating and can dry it out. (Moisture is essential for proper healing). 1 Do not use table salt, kosher salt, Epsom salts, or iodized sea salts.

Is it safe to swim in the ocean with a piercing?

Do not play with your piercing. This increases the likelihood of bacteria getting introduced into the area, which could lead to infection. Do not think swimming in the ocean is the same as a salt soak. Even though the sea is salty, it can still harbor bacteria that may infect your piercing.