What kind of plants grow in the African rainforest?

The rainforest supports an estimated 8,000 plant species but among the best-known are the oil palm and the mahogany tree. Oil palms are native to the area, but today account for approximately 14 percent of the world’s plant-based oils. Mahogany, meanwhile, is used for construction, furniture, flooring and boatbuilding.

What omnivores live in the rainforest?

Some rainforest omnivores include:

  • wild pigs.
  • bats.
  • squirrels.
  • opossums.
  • raccoons.
  • coatimundis.

What animals grow in the rainforest?

Rainforest animals include mammals such as sloths, tapirs, jaguars, tigers, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and orangutans; reptiles such as caimans and the green anaconda; amphibians such as poison dart frogs and the red-eyed tree frog; and birds such as toucans, macaws and the harpy eagle.

What herbivores are in the African rainforest?

Gorillas. Gorillas are large primates native to the tropical rainforests of equatorial Africa. They are almost completely herbivores, with invertebrates like insects making up an infinitesimal part of their diets. Gorillas eat leaves, shoots, stems, roots and bark.

What animals live in the forest of Africa?

Altogether, Africa’s rainforests cover as much land as the Amazon Jungle.

  • Forest Elephant.
  • Big Eastern Bongo Antelope.
  • Mountain Gorilla.
  • Okapi.
  • Leopard.
  • African Grey Parrot.
  • Tree Pangolin.
  • Bonobo.

Do crocodiles live in the rainforest?

There are 14 different species of crocodiles in the world; many of them make their home in the tropical rainforests of Africa, Asia and South America. The rainforest crocodile can vary in size, measuring in size from just under five feet to over 23 feet in length.

What animals live in African plains?

The African savannah, the savannah with which most people are familiar, is home to a wide variety of animals. A short list of some of those animals includes wildebeest, warthogs, elephants, zebras, rhinos, gazelles, hyenas, cheetahs, lions, leopards, ostrich, mousebirds, starlings, and weavers.

What are some examples of omnivores in tropical rain forests?

India and Asia.

  • leaves and foliage.
  • living primarily in the forest canopy.
  • Slender Loris.
  • What are the Predators of the rainforest?

    Other well-known predators of the temperate rainforest include: Foxes. Coyotes. Gray wolves. Weasels. Spotted owls. Bobcats.

    What animals are omnivores in the Congo rainforest?

    In the Congo Rainforest: Primary (herivores)- E astern lowland gorilla, forest elephant, forest buffalo Secondary (omnivores)- Warthogs, chimpanzees ( Ambrose, K. & Ambrose, K., 2017)

    What omnivores live in the deciduous forest?

    Deer and moose are the largest herbivorous mammals in the deciduous forest, but smaller herbivores such as squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits are also common, as well as omnivorous raccoons, skunks and possums.