What is the purpose of the Gorka suit in Russia?

Gorka suit is a Russian military uniform designed for special forces (spetsnaz) and regular troops for use in mountains and other windy and hard weather conditions. It is also very popular among civilian use for fishing, hunting, hiking, tourism and other outdoor activities. The Russian word “Gorka” (Горка) originates from word “mountain”.

What’s the difference between Gorka 3 and Gorka 4?

Some people ask about the difference between Gorka-3 and Gorka-4 suits. Gorka-4 is not a newer or more modern uniform. They both appeared almost simultaneously. The only difference is that Gorka3 has jacket with buttons and Gorka4 has anorak jacket without buttons, that is put on like a sweater.

Where did the Gorka 3 anorak BdU come from?

Gorka-3 anorak BDU first appeared in Soviet Army during the Afghanistan war, then used in Chechnya wars. Now Gorka-4 is widespread in airsoft, hiking, outdoor active rest, as well as Special Forces units use in combat operations because of high quality, practicality and protection from wind, rain and severe weather.

What kind of material is used in Gorka?

The company SPLAV is popular because all the costumes of Gorka are completed with removable elbow pads and knee pads, the material of which is neoprene. Different models have special properties. So Gorka-3 is a classic version of the costume, the tarpaulin is thin, there are 6 pockets on the pants and 5 on the jacket.

Can you buy Gorka jacket and pants separately?

Another advantage – Splav Gorka Jacket and Pants are sold separately – you can buy any sizes. Unlike Gorka suits from other manufacturers that are sold as suits – jacket and pants together in one size. These are the main Gorka suit variations, which can be narrowed actually, to just two main types: Gorka-3 and Gorka-4.