What is the most Russian female name?

From January to November 2020, the most common female first name given to baby girls in Russia’s capital Moscow was Mariya, with over two thousand registrations. It was followed by Sofiya and Anna. Other popular first names given to female newborns in the city included Alisa, Viktoriya, and Polina.

Whats a Russian name for a girl?

Popular Russian Girl Names. 1 Aleandra (Russian origin) meaning “defender of man.” 2 Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning “resurrection,” and can also pass as Anna, a beautiful nickname for your baby girl. 3 Angelina (Greek origin) meaning “messenger”. 4 Anoushka (Russian origin) meaning “favor” or “grace”.

What Russian girl name means warrior?

13. Igor, the name means “warrior” in Russian. 14. Ivan, meaning of this name is “God is gracious”.

What Russian name means beautiful?

Bella simply means ‘beautiful’, it’s a popular name in Spanish, Russian and Italian culture.

What name means princess in Russian?

The Russian female name Vasilisa (Russian: Василисса, Василина) is of Greek origin (Greek: βασίλισσα, basilissa), which means “queen” or “empress”.

What are some Russian female names?

Popular Russian baby girl names include Anastasia (meaning “resurrection”) and Svetlana (meaning “luminescent”).

What are the most popular Russian names?

Probably the most common Russian male names are: Andrey, Dmitriy, Vladimir, Victor, Evgeniy, Mikhail, and Alexandr. For female, one can hear the following names on a daily basis: Marina, Olga, Victoria, Ekaterina, Elena, and Svetlana.

What are some cute Russian names?

25 Russian Names That Are Insanely Cute 25 Sasha. Meaning ‘defender of mankind’, Sasha is diminutive of the name Alexander. 24 Tatiana. Deriving from the Latin name Tatius, this Russian beauty is a chic variation. 23 Misha. 22 Irina. 21 Mikhail. 20 Anastasia. 19 Katerina. 18 Maxim. 17 Feliks. 16 Nikolay.

What names are common in Russia?

Abakumov. Abakumov is a patronymic last name that refers to ‘Son of Abakum’.

  • Abdulov. This is a patronymic surname meaning ‘Son of Abdul’.
  • Abramov. It is a patronymic surname meaning ‘Son of Abram’ that is derived from the Old Testament.
  • Agapov.
  • Agafonov.
  • Alexeyev.
  • Andreyev.
  • Antonov.
  • Arsenyev.
  • Artyomov.