What is the average stats for an NBA player?

When it comes to basic stats, the average player this season is: scoring 10.2 points per game, just like Dario Saric. grabbing 4.1 rebounds per game, just like Danny Green.

What is a good usage rate NBA?

Usage Rate (USG%) Usage rate calculates what percentage of team plays a player was involved in while he was on the floor, provided that the play ends in one of the three true results: field-goal attempt, free-throw attempt or turnover. On average, a player will have a usage rate of 20 percent.

What is the average NBA 3pt percentage?

NBA league average 3 point percentage

NBA 93396 35.2

Which NBA player has lowest points?

25 players are tied for the fewest career points, with 0 points. The first three are Greg Whittington, Ashton Hagans and Will Magnay.

Who has the highest usage rate in the NBA?

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan has the highest career usage percentage, at 33.2 percent.

What is the highest usage rate in NBA history?


Rank Player Usg%
1. Michael Jordan* 33.26
2. Russell Westbrook 32.51
3. Kobe Bryant* 31.85
4. Allen Iverson* 31.83

Who is the most average NBA player?

Evan Turner
Evan Turner is averaging 10.6 points per game and 4.3 rebounds this season, but according to the NBA Roster Survey he’s the most average player in the NBA. According to NBA Media: The average NBA player stands 6-7.17 and weighs 221.88 pounds; Turner is listed at 6-7 and 220 pounds.

What is the shortest NBA game ever?

The Grizzlies-Hawks game tonight had a running time of 1:58. The only shorter game I know of was this game, where the Bobcats and Hornets combined for only 14 FTA.

What NBA player has been on the most teams?

Most Franchises Played For Kevin Ollie – 11 franchises. Ollie started his career in the CBA, before he signed a contract with the Dallas Mavericks in 1997. Mike James – 11 franchises. Joe Smith – 12 franchises. Tony Massenburg – 12 franchises. Jim Jackson – 12 franchises. Chucky Brown – 12 franchises.

What is the best NBA basketball team?

Golden State Warriors. From Bleacher Report: “The Dubs are so dominant people are asking if the NBA should take action.

  • Boston Celtics. From Bleacher Report: “The Boston Celtics aren’t fair.
  • Houston Rockets.
  • Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Utah Jazz.
  • Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Toronto Raptors.
  • Denver Nuggets.
  • New Orleans Pelicans.
  • What is the average salary of a rookie NBA player?

    The 2019 NBA draft picks that are selected in the first round will make between $1.6 million and $8.1 million during their rookie season, per Real GM. Each player’s salary depends on where he is…

    Who is the NBA career scoring leader?

    The current actively playing scoring leader is LeBron James with 32,806 total points scored across his career. The player with the highest number of points scored in NBA history is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 total points scored. Nov 27 2019