What is Pace paratransit?

Paratransit service is the general term for a reservation-based or “demand-response” service in which a passenger must reserve a ride in advance. There are several different types of paratransit service, listed below. Pace also operates a fixed route system, which is entirely accessible to people with disabilities.

What is the number to Pace bus?

1 (847) 364-7223
Pace/Customer service

Which is paratransit mode?

Paratransit, also known as intermediate public transport (IPT), is the intermediate mode between the privately owned automobiles and the conventional transit. It includes not only taxi, jitney, dial-a-ride, and subscription commuting services but also car rentals and carpools.

Is Pace a CTA?

Pace (suburban bus) runs buses throughout the suburbs (routes 208 and above) and many routes connect with CTA. Major routes run daily through mid-evening, every 30 to 60 minutes. You can use your Ventra Card to ride. Pace connects with CTA and Metra in dozens of locations.

What is ADA complementary paratransit service?

Complementary Paratransit is a specialized, door-to-door transport service for people who are not able to ride the fixed-route transit system because of a disability. This may be due to an inability to: board, ride or disembark independently from any readily accessible vehicle on the regular fixed-route system.

How does call a ride work?

Dial-A-Ride vehicles travel to areas within three-quarters of a mile of an RTA local fixed route. These areas are called the “Dial-A-Ride service area” and trips must begin and end in that service area. Dial-A-Ride service is provided at times equivalent to local fixed-route bus service in that area.

How do I contact Pace?

Right here on the web, or by email or phone. Submitting a question, commendation or complaint can be done here. You can email us at [email protected]

How often do PACE buses run?

The majority of Pace bus routes run daily, seven days a week. Other routes run Monday through Saturday, weekdays only, or weekday rush hours only.

Why is paratransit important?

Paratransit services are meant to provide a transportation option for those individuals who are unable to use the fixed-route bus or rail system serving their location, and these services are flexible in their scheduling and routing, allowing them to accommodate the specific needs of their riders.

How much does Pace bus cost?

CTA and Pace

Ventra Cash or Contactless
Full Fare Cash Fare
CTA “L” train fare Ventra$2.50* Cash or Contactless$2.50*
CTA Bus fare Ventra$2.25 Cash or Contactless$2.50
Pace Bus fare Ventra$2.00 Cash or Contactless$2.25

What is difference between CTA and Pace?

Pace buses are the suburban ones, while CTA are the city ones. If you’re not planning to go to the suburbs, then you don’t need to use the Pace buses. With the CTA visitor pass you can use it on busses and L Trains.

What qualifies as an ADA disability?

Under the ADA , you have a disability if you have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. To be protected under the ADA , you must have, have a record of, or be regarded as having a substantial, as opposed to a minor, impairment.

Does pace provide transportation?

Transportation to the PACE center for activities or medical appointments, if Medically necessary . You may also be able to get transportation to some medical appointments in the community. To find out if you’re eligible and if there’s a PACE program near you, search for PACE plans in your area, or call your Medicaid office.

Where is Pace Bus headquarters?

The various agencies providing bus service in the Chicago suburbs were merged under the Suburban Bus Division, which rebranded as Pace in 1984. In 2013, Pace had 39.925 million riders. Pace’s headquarters are in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

What is Pace bus number?

Pace Bus Phone Number Customer Service. The customer service phone number is +1-847-364-7223, +1-708-339-4062. Pace Bus is a provider of bus transport services in the Northeastern Illinois region in the United States of America.