What is foreshadowed in Medea?

The nurse ominously foreshadows that the “rage” stirring inside Medea will not “relax” until it has received an outlet, and the only real hope is that she can target an enemy rather than a friend (lines 94-95).

What is the basic plot of Medea?

Medea is centered on a wife’s calculated desire for revenge against her unfaithful husband. The play is set in Corinth some time after Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece, where he met Medea. The play begins with Medea in a blind rage towards Jason for arranging to marry Glauce, the daughter of king Creon.

What crimes does Medea commit?

In revenge, she murders Creusa and the king with poisoned gifts, and later murders her own sons by Jason before fleeing for Athens, where she eventually marries king Aegeus. Other traditions mention several other causes of death for Medea’s sons.

What does the chorus represent in Medea?

‘ The Chorus is used as an instrument to help the audience to understand and feel Medea’s suffering, and so from this early point in the play, a sympathy is established for Medea because of her tragic circumstances.

Why did Jason leave Medea According to the nurse?

According to the Nurse, why did Medea sail with Jason? for love, to leave her savage country. You just studied 96 terms!

What does Jason do to Medea at the end?

What does Jason do to Medea at the end? Pelias refuses to give Jason the kingdom back, so Medea tricks his daughters into killing him. Jason gets tired of Medea and marries someone else. Medea threatens the new wife and is exiled from the country.

What is the purpose of the chorus spoiling the ending?

By having the Chorus spoil the end of the play before it even starts—Romeo and Juliet die, and only then do their families end the feud—Shakespeare sets up similar possibilities for the development of irony, tension, and catharsis here.