What is Endobutton technique?

The Endobutton is placed through holes in the clavicle and coracoid, reproducing the normal course of the conoid portion of the coracoclavicular ligament.

What is an RCI screw?

Cruciate reconstruction is an operation performed to restore stability of the knee. These RCI screws are an Australian design that has been used for over a decade, and a reverse thread screw used in the femur for right knees subtly improves the alignment of the reconstructed ligaments fibres.

What is an Endobutton made of?

The first is the EndoButton which is made of Titanium 6AL 4V ELI alloy (ASTM F136). Its length is from 12 to 18 mm and its width is from 4 to 6 mm. It is oblong in shape with four holes through which suture is threaded. The second component is the polyester suture which is preattached to the center holes.

What is a Beath pin?

The Beath passing pin, commonly used for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, is used to pass the suture for the outside-inside-out repair. Two passes are used to create a mattress suture through the ossicle, and the suture is tied over a bone bridge on the anterolateral tibia.

What is interference screw?

An interference screw is a direct tendon-to-bone interference fixation device. It is a compression fixation device that relies on the screw threads to engage and compress the graft for fixation. It is most commonly used in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Is ACL surgery inpatient or outpatient?

ACL reconstruction is an outpatient surgery that’s performed by a doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the bones and joints (orthopedic surgeon).

What type of screws are used in ACL reconstruction?

Bioabsorbable interference screws are used extensively in orthopaedic procedures, and they are frequently used for graft fixation in ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction.

Do surgical screws dissolve?

Like existing screws, the polylactic acid dissolves harmlessly in the body, saving patients the second surgery required for the removal of the older, stainless steel screws.

How does Interference Screw Work?

How soon can you walk after ACL surgery?

Walking unassisted and the timeline for recovery Patients walk unassisted within 2-4 weeks, but for short periods. After 10-12 weeks, expect brisk walking, light jogging, and even plyometric exercise. Full recovery on ACL reconstruction is 6-12 months, or more with physical therapy.

Do they use metal screws in ACL surgery?

Abstract. BACKGROUND: Graft fixation during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction can be achieved with use of either bioabsorbable screws or metal screws. Although bioabsorbable screws and metal screws have similar fixation strengths, bioabsorbable screws eliminate the need for removal.