What does the magnolia flag represent?

The last US state flag with a slavery emblem has officially been retired. Mississippi’s “new “magnolia” mutes the menace. Cities have to accommodate more people, lessen their environmental footprint, and become more equitable.

What did the Mississippi magnolia flag look like?

The Magnolia flag consists of a white star on a square canton of dark blue; centered in the fly area is a magnolia tree (Magnolia grandiflora) in dark green, with white flowers, upon a white field. The “Bonnie Blue Flag” was raised in Jackson upon Mississippi’s secession from the Union on January 9, 1861.

Who designed the Mississippi magnolia flag?

Rocky Vaughan
Designed by graphic artist Rocky Vaughan, the “New Magnolia” shows the state flower standing at the center of a dark blue stripe flanked by gold and red. Twenty stars meant to symbolize Mississippi’s status as the 20th state to enter the Union, as well as the words “In God We Trust,” surround the white blossom.

What does Mississippi’s new flag look like?

The magnolia blossom on the new flag is encircled by white stars representing Mississippi as the 20th state, plus a single gold star representing Native Americans. The gold star is made of diamond shapes that are significant to the Choctaw culture. Mississippi had used the same flag since 1894.

Why are there 20 stars on the Mississippi flag?

The circle of twenty stars represents Mississippi as the twentieth state of the United States of America and is anchored by the gold five-point star, which stands alone. This star represents our first peoples, the indigenous Native American tribes of the land that would become Mississippi.

What was the original flag of Mississippi?

Magnolia Flag
The first flag, known as the “Magnolia Flag”, was adopted in 1861 and consisted of a “Flag of white ground, a magnolia tree in the centre, a blue field in the upper left hand corner with a white star in the centre, with a red border and a red fringe at the extremity of the Flag”.

What are the 50 state flags?

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