What does Grandpa say in Jackie Chan Adventures?

It literally translates to: “Spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, quickly leave!” or “Evil demons and malevolent spirits, be gone!”

What is Uncle name in Jackie Chan Adventures?

Uncle Chan Uncle, as he is known (he is called “sensei” by Tohru,) is the uncle of Jackie and granduncle of Jade.

Who played uncle in Jackie Chan Adventures?

Sab ShimonoJackie Chan Adventures
Uncle Chan/Played by

Why didn’t Jackie Chan voice himself in Jackie Chan Adventures?

It’s actually not Jackie Chan voicing Jackie Chan in the show “Jackie Chan Adventures,” which Chan produces. Sie owes that role more than the others to his time on “Jackie Chan Adventures,” since it was Chan who voiced the Monkey character in the big-screen “Kung Fu Panda” films that launched the TV series.

Who is Uncle Chan?

Uncle is one of the main characters in the Jackie Chan Adventures series. He is an older, yet unspecified, relative of Jackie Chan. Uncle lives with his “nephew” in San Francisco, where he owns a small antique shop in Chinatown, which often serves as a stage for much of the events that take place in the show.

How old is Jackie Chan?

67 years (April 7, 1954)
Jackie Chan/Age

Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954. His family moved to Australia briefly when he was six, but he returned to Hong Kong the following year.

Is Jackie Chan Adventures on any streaming service?

Watch Jackie Chan Adventures Season 1 | Prime Video.

What is the real name of Jackie Chan?

Chan Kong-sang
Jackie Chan/Full name
Jackie Chan, originally Chan Kong-sang, (born April 7, 1954, Hong Kong), Hong Kong-born Chinese stuntman, actor, and director whose perilous acrobatic stunts and engaging physical humour made him an action-film star in Asia and helped to bring kung fu movies into the mainstream of American cinema.

Was Jackie Chan Adventures Cancelled?

The fifth and final season of Jackie Chan Adventures premiered on September 11, 2004 and concluded on July 8, 2005.

Did Jackie Chan Adventures End?

July 8, 2005
The series ended on July 8, 2005, just five episodes away from its 100th.

Where can I find Jackie Chan Adventures?

Who was the creator of Jackie Chan Adventures?

Executive produced by Jackie Chan and created by John Rogers, Jackie Chan Adventures is debatably Chan’s most successful American effort: it ran five seasons, albeit with Chan Not Quite Starring in the title role (he was voiced by James Sie ), with equal parts comedy and action, the entire show was very much like an animated Jackie Chan film.

What was the chant in Jackie Chan Adventures Season 4?

However, it was still used indirectly against the Oni in protecting the shop from their dark magic and can be used against their Shadowkhan . Consequently, the chant is noticeably absent from most of Season 4, instead being replaced with Nukeru He Men Ja’aku.

What makes an ice person in Jackie Chan Adventures?

An Ice Person: The Lotus Temple Guardian has ice-rays, and may be some kind of abominable snowman. Animating Artifact: The Rat Talisman grants “Motion to the Motionless” – when attached to a statue, it comes to life with the memories and powers of the being it represents.

Who is Captain Black in Jackie Chan Adventures?

After being attacked by minions of The Dark Hand criminal organization, Jackie is contacted by a government organization called “Section 13,” led by his old friend Captain Black. Section 13 is an extension of INTERPOL dedicated to dealing with hyper-criminal elements that the normal authorities are no match for.