What does All About That Bass no treble mean?

She is all about that bass meaning she prefers to have sex and “no treble” would mean no blow jobs. So the song may sound more like “I’m all about that sex, bout that sex, bout that sex, no blow jobs” If not for the clever wording.

Does All About That Bass have treble?

Meghan Trainor had the No. 1 song in America last week with her debut single “All About That Bass.” In it, Trainor sings that she is “All about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble.” She’s referring to body types — where “bass” signifies curves — but what if we took her literally?

What does bass in your face mean?

This demonic possession has many symptoms, most notably: the ‘bass face’. The bass face can take many forms: sheer ecstasy, baffling rage, confused bewilderment or something totally inexplicable.

Why did Meghan Trainor disappear?

And I had vocal problems ’cause I was working too much,” Trainor, 26, said, according to Entertainment Tonight. She said she “finally collapsed physically and emotionally” due to her mental health struggles. “I had, like, a mental breakdown and I had panic attacks live on television with Gayle King,” Trainor continued.

Why do bassists have a bass face?

Looks like you may have contracted a case of Bassia Facia, commonly known as “bass face.” The exact cause is currently unknown but early research of this phenomenon seems indicate that the cause comes a series of low frequency audio stimuli that is commonly called “da groove.” Unfortunately there is no lasting cure for …

What does bass stand for?


Acronym Definition
BASS Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (Montgomery, AL)
BASS Bass Action Selector System
BASS Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Australia)
BASS Baltic Sea Solutions (Denmark)

How did the song All About That Bass come about?

Kadish played a drum beat while Trainor sang the hook, “I’m all about that bass, ’bout the bass, no treble”. Kadish and Trainor wanted to incorporate influences of 1950s doo-wop, a genre Trainor found catchy, into the song, which they wrote within 40 minutes.

Is there an alternate version of all about that bass?

An alternate version of “All About That Bass” was re-recorded by Trainor, with more family-friendly lyrics of her choice, for its impact date on Radio Disney in the United States. Trainor and Kadish agreed to the alternate version of “All About That Bass” on the condition that it be relegated to Radio Disney and not be made available for purchase.

When did the roots cover all about that bass?

On August 4, 2014, American boy band Emblem3 performed an acoustic cover of “All About That Bass”. The Roots covered the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on August 20, 2014. Their rendition was deemed “angelic” by Chris Payne of Billboard.

Who was the piano player on all about that bass?

David Baron played the piano, baritone saxophone, and Hammond organ. Trainor provided the track’s clapping and percussion, and Dave Kutch mastered the recording at the Mastering Palace in New York City.