What does Akua mean in Hawaiian?

akua — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng , 1. vs., God, goddess, spirit, ghost, devil, image, idol, corpse; divine, supernatural, godly. Examples: Kona akua, his god.

What does Aloha mean in Hawaiian pidgin?

Aloha is commonly used as both hello and goodbye in Hawaiian and has many other meanings both as a stand-alone word and in combination with other words. Some examples: Aloha: hello in Hawaiian, and goodbye. Aloha ‘oe: you are welcome. Aloha kakahiaka: good morning.

What does mahalo Piha mean?

Thanks/ Much thanks/Thanks very much. Mahalo piha. Whole-hearted gratitude.

What does Aloha E mean in Hawaiian?

love, hello, goodbye, your welcome, affection.

What does ke mean in Hawaiian?

The most common are the two, ka and ke, which mean the in Hawaiian. Ke is used before any word beginning with k, e, a, or o. An easy trick to remember this is that the letters it goes with spells out “ke ao” which means the cloud in Hawaiian.

What is aloha Mai Kakou?

Greetings between all of us. All of us greet each other. Hello from me and all of you. ( We are all included in this greeting process) Aloha mai kākou.

What is aloha Kakou?

Greetings, hello, good- bye, affection, love. Aloha kakou. Aloha to all (including speaker)

What is aloha Mai?

What is meaning of Mahalo Ke Akua?

Mahalo Ke Akua is an apparel brand inspired by Faith, Aloha, Reggae, Surf & Skate. Our name and logo means Thanks Be to God in Hawaiian, and is the same upside down to represent that Jah is everywhere and in everything.

What does Aloha Ke Akua Aloha Kuleana Kuleana?

The backbone of the song is basically in the title, Aloha Ke Akua – meaning breath of life and the love of God. Another word also used throughout is kuleana meaning ones’ personal responsibility. Click to see full answer

What does Akua mean in English?

The meaning of Akua is “born on Wednesday”. Akua is generally used as a girl’s name. It consists of 4 letters and 3 syllables and is pronounced A-ku-a.

What does Mahalo Ke Akua mean in hawaiin?

Mahalo Ke Akua: Hawaiian Words To Change Your Life. by Leialoha | Blog, Mental Health, Self Care, Wellness | 9 comments. Mahalo ke Akua literally means “thanks be to God.”. If you’re like me, sometimes I look back at my life and marvel at the fact I even survived.