What do large clown loaches eat?

Loaches fare very well in most community aquaria. These fishes will accept most dry flake foods, sinking wafers, and pellets as well as frozen meaty items like bloodworms, daphnia, clams, and brine shrimp. Loaches also will benefit from vegetable matter (various algae) in their diet.

How often do clown loaches eat?

They should be fed multiple times a day, and each being be small enough to be consumed within 10 minutes. If you have snails in your aquarium, clown loaches may pick at them, as they are a good source of readily available protein. In general, clown loaches prefer live food – a preference that can be hard to honor.

Do clown loaches eat shrimp pellets?

Re: Best food for clown loaches They love shrimp pellets for bottom feeders. Swim around the tank with them like they’re smoking a cigar.

How do clown loaches eat bananas?

just cut off a portion and sink it in there? got to love my fat little wobbly wigglies… I just cut a piece of banana wash it and throw it in the tank, and after a few minutes, I remove whatever is left…they love it.

Can a clown loach live in a 10 gallon tank?

Clown loaches are beautiful, active, long-lived fish that make a great display in any tank. They need to be kept warm, and live in groups of five or more. Because they become so large, you must be prepared to move them into a larger tank as they grow, eventually providing at least 5 to 10 gallons for each adult.

What should I feed Clown Loach?

Live foods like bloodworms, earthworms and small shrimp are considered a delicacy to Clown Loach and should be fed once a week as a treat.

Will a loach eat shrimp?

Any fish with a big enough mouth may eat shrimp. Usually shrimp are kept with small fish like the smaller Tetras, Rasboras and similar fish. Not with any large fish. In a densely planted tank there will be hiding places for the shrimp, but Loaches are designed to search out shrimp, snails and similar critters.

Do clown loaches like bananas?

Bananas contain lots of sugar, so should only be fed sparingly as treats. They are high in Potassium and a great way to mix up the diet of your Clown Loaches.

Do clown loaches eat flakes?

Most clown loaches accept commercial flake food and sinking pellets as their dietary staple, but thrive with a variety of food: live (worms, brine shrimp, small snails), banana, other plant matter, freeze-dried (tubifex worms, especially if it is fortified) and frozen brine shrimp.

Why has my clown loach died?

It’s probably just bad water quality. The nitrate started out as ammonia. Water change is probably the only solution. As for your snail problem, using loach is a problem.

Why are clown loaches so expensive?

Steroids and hormones are used in asian farms with success but there is a higher mortality rate among the babies this way (raising cost) along with their slow growth, figure and inch a year whereas other loach species are double that. So more work goes into rearing of the surviving fish (raising the cost).