What criteria should you use when evaluating Web pages for research?

There are six (6) criteria that should be applied when evaluating any Web site: authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, coverage, and appearance. For each criterion, there are several questions to be asked. The more questions you can answer “yes”, the more likely the Web site is one of quality.

How do you evaluate and verify the credibility of a website?

Check the TLD and Domain. One of the simplest ways to determine the credibility of an online resource is to look at the purpose of the website, which can often be learned from the ending of the site’s address. Every website ends in a Top Level Domain (TLD). This is the bit after the last period in the domain name.

What are three ways that you can evaluate the site?

How to Evaluate Websites: How to evaluate websitesCURRENCY: the timeliness of the information.RELEVANCE: the importance of the information for your needs.AUTHORITY: the source of the information.ACCURACY: the reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the content.PURPOSE: the reason the information exists.

How do you critically evaluate a source?

To evaluate your sources, take into consideration the following questions:WHAT does the material contain? ( accuracy & coverage) WHO is communicating the information? ( authority) WHY was the material published? ( objectivity) WHEN was the material produced or written? ( currency)

How do you confirm the validity of information?

Determining the Validity of Evidence: Professional Writing Program….Evaluating a SourceWho is the author of the source? What are his or her credentials – is her or she a recognized expert in the field? How did the source get its information? What if the source you’ve found doesn’t have references?