What chew toys are safe for chinchillas?

Chew Toys for Chinchillas Chinchillas often favor a variety of branches for chewing but make sure you choose a safe wood such as willow, apple, poplar, and aspen tree branches. Avoid branches from cherry, citrus fruit trees, redwood, cedar, and other evergreen trees.

Do chinchillas need chew toys?

Chinchillas are active and need toys to play with and chew upon, as well as plenty of out-of-cage time (minimum 2-4 daily hours) to hop around and explore their environments (which need to be “chinchilla proofed, see below). Chew toys are fun, and they are also necessary for your chinchilla’s dental health.

What toys should a chinchilla have?

Chinchillas like playing with hanging chew balls, woven carrots, and many other chew toys. Chinchillas also enjoy chewing sticks and wooden toys. Toys also improve your chinchilla’s dental health, so it’s essential they have them around.

Do chinchillas need wood to chew on?

Chinchillas love to chew, and they especially love to chew wood, which helps keep their constantly-growing teeth trimmed and sharp. But not all woods are good for your chinchilla, and some woods are even toxic.

Can I give my chinchilla a stuffed animal?

So, can I give my chinchilla a stuffed animal? No, you should not provide your chinchilla, a stuffed animal. Chinchillas need to be provided safe items to chew, such as chew sticks composed of safe wood and other hanging toys inside of their cage. Stuffed animals are a no go, unfortunately.

Are toilet paper rolls safe for chinchillas?

Chinchilla playtime is essential. Cardboard can certainly be incorporated into playtime with some supervision and yes, chinchilla’s do like to play with several different kinds of cardboard. This can include items such as small boxes and toilet paper rolls.

Do chinchillas watch TV?

Chinchillas do watch television, and they also enjoy listening to music on the radio, or other sources. However, the choice of program should be carefully chosen to make sure it’s suitable.