How do you shorten a research paper?

Here are five simple tips for trimming your stories without destroying content.Circle or highlight all adverbs. Take them out. Look for a single word or short phrase followed by a comma. Delete helping verbs. Delete to be verbs. Turn some nouns into verbs: “I concluded” is better than “I came to the conclusion.”

How do you find a good source for research?

6 Tips to Finding Research Paper Sources that Set You ApartStart with Wikipedia. Go to the library (a great place for research paper sources) Find the top few secondary resources cited in the article. Follow the trail of citations to primary sources. Mix up your research paper source type. Get at least one source per page of your research paper.

What is a good research question for sociology?

Sociology is a study of society, relationships, and culture….Marriage and FamilyHow should a “family” be defined? What is a traditional role taken on by women that would be better handled by a man (and vice versa)?How has marriage changed in the United States?What are the effects of divorce on children?