How do you present regression results in a paper?

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How do you present multiple regression results?

Still, in presenting the results for any multiple regression equation, it should always be clear from the table: (1) what the dependent variable is; (2) what the independent variables are; (3) the values of the partial slope coefficients (either unstandardized, standardized, or both); and (4) the details of any test of …

What is the effect size for regression?

Linear Regression – F-Squared f2 = 0.02 indicates a small effect; f2 = 0.15 indicates a medium effect; f2 = 0.35 indicates a large effect.

How do you state findings?

Find the story in your data. Present your findings. Discuss your findings. Using cautious language….Quantitative dataa location element.a summary of the information presented in the figure.a highlighting statement to point out what is significant in all the data presented (eg trends, patterns, results that stand out).