How do I change the logical system in SCC4?

Assigning a Client to the Logical System

  1. In SAP, type transaction code SCC4.
  2. Click Table View > Display > Change to switch from display to change mode.
  3. Select the client from which you want User information distributed (such as 100).
  4. Click Goto > Details > Client Details.

How do I change the logical system in SAP?

To Name the Logical System

  1. In the SAP R/3 System home window (shown above), type SALE into the command field and click Enter to display the Distribution (ALE) Structure window.
  2. Expand the tree to display IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) > Basic Settings > Logical Systems > Define Logical System.

Can we change logical system name in SAP?

You have assigned certain SAP Logical System to a SAP Client (as example in picture below) but you want to change and convert the Logical System to different name. You can do that from transaction BDLS – Convert Logical System Names.

How do you create a logical system in SAP BD54?

To create a Logical System:

  1. Enter transaction BD54 in the SAP R/3 command field and click Enter.
  2. Click New entries to create a Logical System.
  3. Enter a name for the Logical System and a description. The Logical System name used throughout this example is XI3CLNT800. The name of the SAP R/3 Logical System is U47CLNT800.

How do you use BDLS in SAP?

Step 2.1: Start transaction code BDLS and enter the required old/new logical system names and unselect other options “Test Run” and “Existence Check on new names in tables”. Please enter tables to be converted choice as A* and execute the BDLS run in the background.

How do I run BDLS after client copy?

5) Run Transaction BDLS. Enter the Logical System value for the “Destination System” where the system/client copy data is copied to, in the “New Logical System Name” field. To run a test, leave the “Test Run” box checked, and to run in update mode, uncheck the “Test Run” box.

What is a logical system SAP?

A logical system is an application system in which the applications work together on a common data basis. In SAP terms, the logical system is a client. Logical system names must contain capital letters and numbers only. SAP recommends the following naming convention for logical system names: CLNT.

How do you maintain logical system in SAP?

You must define a logical system within SAP. Starting from the SALE transaction, select Sending and Receiving Systems > Logical Systems > Define Logical System….Description.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Create Request.
  3. Add a description in the pop-up box field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the check mark to continue.

What is logical system in SAP?

What is SAP BDLS?

BDLS is used for LOGICAL System Name conversion after System Refresh activity. When we refresh our quality system (QAS) from Production system (PRD) then in Quality system production system entries come in database that need to changed with Quality system’s entry in order to Quality system work properly .

What is SAP BDLS used for?

Do we need to run BDLS after client copy?

Therefore, please ensure BDLS is run for 3 times after client copy in CRM landscape: (1)Once on the R3 Backend system, in order to convert the logsys entry from the old value to the new one in all relevant tables. The logical system field LOGSYS of table COMM_PRODUCT should also be converted.