How can you narrow a topic that is too broad or general?

To narrow a topic that is too broad, try to pick one sub-topic of the topic to focus on. If you are having trouble thinking of a sub-topic, try asking yourself questions about your topic. The answers to those questions can reveal sub-topics that might offer a possible route to narrow your topic.

How do you narrow a general topic?

To narrow down a specific topic, follow these steps:Choose a general topic area. Give specific description of the topic area. Mention an aspect of the specific topic: Note down extra specifics about the topic. Turn the topic into a sentence or statement.

What is a narrowing question?

Once you get them talking then you ask them some narrow questions. Narrow questions are typically a “Yes” or “No” answer. Examples: “Have you ever had (X Product or Service) before?” “Can you see how (Your Product or Service) will help you achieve (Prospect’s Desired Outcome)?

How do you narrow focus?

Follow This 4-Step Process to Narrow Your Focus and Go BigStep 1: Mindfully experience and absorb. The first step to focusing is actually doing research. Step 2: Distill. At this point, you have taken in a lot of information and formed some initial hypotheses about what is important. Step 3: Find the One. Step 4: Amplify. 5 Reasons to Never Compromise on Punctuality.

How do you narrow down a list?

“Write down all the best ideas on sticky notes and start to rank those notes. For instance, if there are 25 ideas, start to rank each idea from best to worst in piles of five each. Take the top 10 and start to narrow down again. Repeat until you are left with only the number of ideas that you need.

What is the meaning of narrow?

Narrow means less wide or to make less wide. When you narrow down your choices, you decrease the number of choices. A road might be too narrow for a car. When used to describe something physical such as a street or hips, narrow simply means not wide.

What is the meaning of narrow range?

small in breadth

What kind of word is narrow?

adjective, nar·row·er, nar·row·est. of little breadth or width; not broad or wide; not as wide as usual or expected: a narrow path.

Is narrow a shape or size?

Narrow and broad (or wide) emphasise one dimension, while thin and thick emphasise (or can emphasise, depending on the notional shape of the object described) two dimensions.

What does it mean to narrow your eyes?

If your eyes narrow or if you narrow your eyes, you almost close them, for example because you are angry or because you are trying to concentrate on something.

What is the adjective of narrow?

adjective. /ˈnæroʊ/ (narrower, narrowest) 1measuring a short distance from one side to the other, especially in relation to length narrow streets a narrow bed/doorway/shelf narrow shoulders/hips There was only a narrow gap between the bed and the wall. (

What is the superlative of narrow?

Some rules about forming comparatives and superlativesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativenarrownarrower/more narrowthe narrowest/most narrowsimplesimpler/more simplethe simplest/most simplequietquieter/more quietthe quietest/most quiet

What is the noun form of narrow?


What part of speech is narrow?

narrowpart of speech:adjectivepart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:narrows, narrowing, narroweddefinition:to become narrower. The road narrows here, so drive carefully.The river narrows just ahead. synonyms: attenuate, thin antonyms: broaden similar words: constrict, contract, diminish, lessen, reduce, taper21