How can I make my G37 sedan faster?

Forced induction is by far, one of the best performance mods for G37 coupes and sedans. There’s only so much that you can with a naturally aspirated engine….Turbo Kits

  1. Aftermarket headers.
  2. Test pipes.
  3. Intake manifold upgrades.
  4. Cat-back exhaust.
  5. Dual cold air intake.
  6. UpRev tune.

Is 2012 Infiniti G37 a good car?

The G37 is very reliable and fun to drive. The acceleration, and handling is at the top in its class. Does well on gas, navigation, heated seats, premium sound system, good tires, new brakes.

How long does a 2012 Infiniti G37 last?

As for the Infiniti G37’s engine, thanks to its Japanese roots, it can last for more than 150,000 miles according to the reports and reviews made by many Infiniti G37 car owners. Of course, an engine can last more than 100,000 miles with proper care and maintenance.

How much horsepower does a 2012 Infiniti G37 sedan have?

328 hp
2012 INFINITI G37 Sedan/Horsepower

What is the difference between Infiniti G37 and G37s?

Both models match fuel efficiency, earning 18 mph in city driving and 26 on the highway. The primary difference between the G37s and the G37x is that G37x is a capable winter sports car with its “snow mode” feature with the all-wheel drive system. For 2012 models, the G37s costs $43,800 and the G37x costs $40,700.

What are the best mods for the Infiniti G37?

The Best G37 Mods: Boost Performance on Your Coupe or Sedan 1 Infiniti G37 Performance Mods. Enthusiasts like us will always find a way to make our cars go faster, sound louder and look better. 2 G37 Handling Modifications. 3 Infiniti G37 Cosmetic Mods. 4 The Best G37 Mods: Step by Step List.

When did the Infiniti G37 VIP Coupe come out?

2009 marked the introduction of the Infiniti G37. It got the VQ37HR engine, a completely revised “VIP Coupe” look along with a wide range of new features. Soon after the launch, aftermarket performance parts became readily available, and there was a new modded G on the streets.

Is it worth it to get a G37 Turbo?

Turbo kits are expensive. The initial setup cost aside, you’ll also have to spend on supporting upgrades to make sure that your G37 can handle the extra power. We can’t stress enough on the fact that no other upgrade can beat turbo kits when it comes to all-out power. It’s completely worth the money if you think about it.

Which is the best test pipe for Infiniti G37?

Here’s a list of the best test pipes for your Infiniti G37: Berk; Invidia 60mm; Y-Pipes. The y-pipe is what connects your exhaust headers to the catalytic converter. Aftermarket y-pipes help to reduce scavenging which speeds up the release of exhaust gases. One of the best things about installing aftermarket y-pipes is the improved exhaust note.