Does the Suunto D4I have bluetooth?

Not only does it have only 36 hours of dive log storage (compared to the D4i’s 140 hours) but it lacks a freediving mode. There is no capacity for air integration or depth alarm, but the Pro Plus model does feature Bluetooth connectivity to download your dive data to your smartphone.

Does the Suunto D4I have a compass?

Freedivers and skin divers love the D4I Novo for its compact size and ease of use, and it’s a great all-around dive computer for beginner to intermediate divers. However, the price point is a bit expensive for a dive computer that doesn’t have a compass and doesn’t have a replaceable battery.

Who makes Suunto dive computers?

Suunto dive computers are trusted, functional and durable tools for all kinds of underwater adventures from the beginner to the advanced. All Suunto dive products are extensively tested and made in Finland. Highly durable dive computer equipped with two algorithms, rechargeable battery and wireless mobile connection.

What is the best dive computer?

The Best Dive Computers of 2020

  • Garmin Descent Mk2i.
  • Aqua Lung i470TC.
  • Cressi Michelangelo.
  • Genesis Centauri.
  • Scubapro Aladin A1.
  • Seac Action HR.
  • Console Computers.
  • Sherwood Beacon.

Are Suunto dive computers too conservative?

yle Instructor, Scuba Suuntos would always give the less time than just about every other computer. You will likely get some responses here that give you more detail about the algorithms used by different computers, but what it comes down to is… yes, Suuntos are conservative.

How deep can the Suunto D5 go?

The D5 is water-resistant up to 100m depth and operates in temperatures between 0°C – 40°C – more than enough for the majority of recreational divers! In addition to the standard dive mode, it also has nitrox, freediving and gauge modes. The Suunto D5 is fully nitrox capable and can handle up to 3 gases.