Does Omega sell replacement bracelets?

OMEGA will sell you a replacement bracelet. But if you go through OMEGA Customer Service or the retail end of an OMEGA authorized dealer, you will likely pay at or near retail price for the bracelet.

Are omega straps interchangeable?

Straps are generally interchangeable unless they have something very specific at the end to fit between the lugs of a particular watch, which is unusual.

Do omega sell leather straps?

Omega is a watch brand synonymous with quality and style. You can select brand new and used leather straps dependent on your budget, and each provides a stylish accompaniment to your watch face to revive this much-loved accessory.

How thick are Omega NATO straps?

The Classic: NATO Strap (1.4mm) The classic NATO-band is the most known- and probably most worn strap combination for the Omega Speedmaster Professional.

Can you order parts from Omega?

Parts and accessories can be ordered through your local OMEGA dealer or directly from OMEGA. For direct ordering, contact an OMEGA Customer Service Center. Their customer service centers are pretty much oriented toward ordering replacement parts–not shopping for accessories.

How long do omega leather straps last?

A leather watch strap should last between six months and four years depending on the kind of leather it is, and how well it is looked after.

Can you change the strap on an Omega Seamaster?

It’s easy to change straps, and as easy on the FOIS as any other watch, BUT… it’s also easy to slip and scratch a lug if you’re unpracticed. First thing to make sure is that you have a decent spring bar tool.

Are NATO watch straps comfortable?

(The NATO name came from its stock number.) The design of the strap is perfect for rugged conditions. The real beauty of the NATO is its simplicity. It’s inexpensive (though fancier leather variants exist), infinitely adjustable, available in dozens of colors and patterns, and is extremely comfortable on the wrist.

Do NATO straps damage watches?

Over a long period of wear, a Nato strap can cause a watch’s case back to develop ‘Nato rash’. The big difference compared to regular two-piece straps, of course, is that the fabric sits between your wrist and the case back. …