Does Hitagi really love Araragi?

This causes Araragi (and Tsubasa, who also has problems of her own at home) to be able to see and interact with Mayoi. After the accomplishment of their mission with Mayoi, Hitagi admits that she loves Koyomi, and she subsequently enters into a relationship with him.

Will Araragi and senjougahara break up?

For a while the three of them enjoy a normal college lifestyle together, but after Araragi breaks up with Senjougahara for the second time over some stupid, worthless reasons Sodachi is so angry at him that she ‘permanently’ cut off any relation with him forever for the 4th time.

Is Kaiki a fake?

Kaiki is a fake specialist who knows about paranormal creatures, but does not believe in them, so he prefers working as a conman by manipulating those who believe in oddities or just using his knowledge to make money by fooling people.

Is senjougahara in love with Araragi?

Yes, at that point Hanekawa is talking, not the sawari neko. Again you can understand it better by watching. Anyways, because of that Araragi loses his interest over Hanekawa. However, Hanekawa still loves Araragi and finally admits that in Nekomonogatari: Shiro.

Why did senjougahara lose her weight?

Hitagi Senjougahara is emotionally repressed of her own volition. Due to an attempted rape by a member of her mother’s cult between middle and high school she became possessed by a “Heavy Stone Crab,” a god that steals its victim’s weight. This is shown in how Hitagi still maintains 5kg of her weight.

Who does araragi marry?

Araragi does love Hinekawa in Nekomonogatari; however, he is afraid of his feelings so during their fight he tells her that he hates her. Remember that hate is close to love! At the end of this arc, in his own mind, he thanks her and promises to love the next girl for real.

Is Kaiki Kanbaru father?

Suruga’s Father (surname Kanbaru) was the husband of Tooe Gaen, the brother-in-law of Izuko Gaen, and the father of Suruga Kanbaru. It was later revealed that Suruga’s parents eloped at some point during Suruga’s elementary school life, as the Kanbaru family did not approve of their relationship.

Who does Koyomi end up with?

From what i understood, he should end with Shinobu, but only after his human relationship with Hitagi comes to its limits, since Koyomi is a kyuketsuki and Hitagi a normal human. Unless something changes that in future novels. All their break ups end with them making up it seems for now.

Is it true that senjougahara is still interested in Kaiki?

Along that line, when she says she’ll “sell her body” during the first conversation, she is probably not kidding. Kaiki is not interested in that, though, even if he does care about her in his own twisted way. Senjougahara certainly does like him, though, and she is uncomfortable with that.

Who was the first conman for Hitagi senjougahara?

Kaiki was the first of five conmen that Hitagi Senjougahara consulted to treat her weightlessness problem prior to Oshino and Koyomi Araragi helping her with it, but he tricked her father, took all their money and left without any help.

What did Gaen tell Kaiki to pull out of?

Kaiki seems to take warnings or “pieces of advice” as challenges, such as when Gaen and an unknown messenger (later revealed to be Senjougahara) had told him to “pull out” of his current job. Senjougahara explained to him afterwards that she had purposefully did it to motivate him.

Who is Kaiki deishuu in eat Monogatari?

Kaiki Deishuu is many of the things that other characters claim he is. He is a con-man, liar, and a fake. He loves money, and can be described as selfish and evil. His knowledge of the supernatural is very likely not as extensive as other specialists.