Why is house music called that?

One 2009 book states the name house music originated from a Chicago club called the Warehouse, which existed from 1977 to 1983. Clubbers to the Warehouse were primarily black, who came to dance to music played by the club’s resident DJ Frankie Knuckles, who fans refer to as the “godfather of house”.

What was the first house music song?

Jesse Saunders – “On and On” (1984) Frankie Knuckles paved the way for the blend of music that would come to be known as “house.” But many consider Saunders’ 1984 jam to be the first proper house record, full stop.

What exactly is house music?

A style of electronic dance music with a heavy, synthesized bass and drum lines and rapid tempos, originally popularized at parties held in abandoned warehouses. [After (The Ware)house, nightclub in Chicago where it was first popularized.]

Is house music and EDM the same?

House Music refers to the genre of music we all know as hip hop and the different forms it takes such as club beats, techno, dub, reggae and so forth. EDM is all about a specific style of music such as deep bass or high beats. The style of music is the thing that makes it different from house music.

Where did the term house music come from?

House music is a type of dance music. It began during the early 1980s from disco and the black American soul music tradition. It takes its name from the Warehouse, a Chicago club where DJs first played their records to a large audience. The original “House” sound is characterized by “four on…

When did house music become popular in Chicago?

House music. House music developed in Chicago ‘s underground dance club culture in the early 1980s, as DJs from the subculture began altering the pop-like disco dance tracks to give them a more mechanical beat and deeper basslines. As well, these DJs began to mix synth pop, rap, Latin, and even jazz into their tracks.

What are the characteristics of a house music song?

Characteristics. House music is created by DJs, record producers, and music artists, often with contributions from other performers on synthesizer and other electronic instruments. The structure of house music songs typically involves an intro, a chorus, various verse sections, a midsection and an outro.

How many beats per minute does house music have?

House is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by a repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120 to 132 beats per minute.