Who sang reunited in the 80s?

Peaches & Herb
Reunited (song)

Songwriter(s) Dino Fekaris Freddie Perren
Producer(s) Freddie Perren
Peaches & Herb singles chronology
“Shake Your Groove Thing” (1978) “Reunited” (1979) “We’ve Got Love” (1979)

What year did Reunited come out by Peaches and Herb?


Who recorded reunited?

Peaches & Herb

Is Peaches and Herb married?

Although Linda experienced much success and fame with Peaches & Herb, she knew when it was time to close that chapter in her life. While working together, they fell in love, and Stephen led Linda to the Lord. A year later, they were married.

Are Peaches & Herb Alive?

Peaches & Herb is an American vocal duo….

Peaches & Herb
Genres Disco funk R&B soul
Years active 1966–present
Labels Date Records, Columbia Records, Imagen Records, Polydor Records
Associated acts Van McCoy

What was Peaches and Herb biggest hit?

Peaches & Herb’s Greatest Hits

  • UnitedPeaches & Herb.
  • Let’s Fall in LovePeaches & Herb.
  • Two Little KidsPeaches & Herb.
  • We’ve Got To Love One AnotherPeaches & Herb.
  • For Your LovePeaches & Herb.
  • Close Your EyesPeaches & Herb.
  • What A Lovely Way (To Say Goodnight)Peaches & Herb.
  • Love Is StrangePeaches & Herb.

Is Peaches of Peaches & Herb still alive?

Deceased (1947–2005)
Francine Hurd Barker/Living or Deceased

What herb goes with peaches?

Spices and Herbs Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and nutmeg give warmth and gentle spice to peaches, while herbs like basil, tarragon, thyme and rosemary add earthy notes to peach desserts.

Did Peaches and Herb stay together?

Their first album, Peaches & Herb, was recorded for MCA Records and produced by Van McCoy, but it generated only one charted hit, “We’re Still Together”. Scoring only one minor hit, Greene and Fame decided to make no more albums and retired their partnership.

How do you use reunited in a sentence?

The two brothers reunited that same year. His parents and his brother are reunited with their son. They were finally reunited and the story made news around the world. Perhaps they could reunite for one new series.

Is Peaches and Herb still together?

Who died from Peaches and Herb?

Francine “Peaches” Hurd Barker (April 28, 1947 – August 13, 2005), was the original “Peaches” of the American vocalist duo Peaches and Herb.