Which is the official website of Kolkata Police?

In step with the citizens of Kolkata. Keeping pace with the world. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Kolkata Police.

Who is the Nodal Officer of Kolkata Police?

C.P.(Crime),Kolkata Police is designated as Nodal Officer in compliance with Rule 4 of IT Rules 2009 and Section 69A(2) of IT Act 2000 for Kolkata Police jurisdiction. Due to some technical issue kolkatacops.com is not active. You may send your views through mail.

What kind of job can you get in Kolkata?

A Kolkata Police Officer is a multifaceted individual with extensive training in community affairs, crime prevention, investigations, narcotics enforcement, forensic science, and law. Kolkata Police can offer you a career where your skills, your integrity, and your determination can really help us make a safer community.

How to check PCC number in Bidhan Nagar police?

Enter your PCC Number OR Application Number, to check the current status. I hereby declare that the mobile no. provided is registered in my name. Information and documents being furnished by me for the purpose of police clearance certificate are correct and authentic to the best of my knowledge.

How is the pace of change in Kolkata?

The pace of change is breathtaking. The challenges are exciting. Kolkata Police has the courage to face them. And the vision. We are preparing for the future with new skills. New technologies. New attitudes. We won’t just stand at ease. It’s forward march to a great tomorrow. In step with the citizens of Kolkata. Keeping pace with the world.

How to dispose traffic fine online in Kolkata?

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