Where is my obd1 port?

The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column (1 – 3 in the diagram below).

Where is the OBD port on a 93 Ford Explorer?

On a OBD I car the connector is under the hood on the drivers side near the strut tower. It will be in a plastic cap marked EEC-TEST and have two connectors one with a rectangular shape that has a sort of pointed side and 4-6 wires in it and then a single wire with a gray plastic end on it.

Where is the OBD port on a 94 Ford Ranger?

If You want to know where the diagnostic plug or OBD II port is located on the Ford Ranger, I can help You with that. The OBD II port on this vehicle is located under the driver’s side dash. To be more specific, it is located to the right of the steering wheel, unlike regular vehicles.

How do I check OBD1?

You can check their check engine light using the diagnostic connector located at the engine compartment by the fender near the battery. Getting the obd1 codes need a couple of tools: a 4 inch long gage 16 jumper wire and a 12 volt test light.

How do you tell if you have OBD1?

The standard OBD2 interface is a 16-pin connector. OBD2 interfaces are the same, so if the interface has 16-pin connector, so your car is OBD2. If it looks different, your car is OBD1. The OBD interface is usually located somewhere on the dashboard of the car.

Is there an OBD scanner for a 1994 Ford?

The 1994 Ford cars and trucks were built before the standardization of On Board Diagnostics (OBD), so an OBD-II scanner will not be able to read your ’94’s trouble codes. Fords built from 1984 to 1995 use the fourth version of Electronic Engine Control, or EEC-IV for short.

Where are the OBD1 trouble codes located on a Ford?

Ford vehicles manufactured before 1996 are equipped with the OBD1 diagnostic system which is unique in the way trouble codes are retrieved. Each Ford car before 1996 has the data connector in a different place such us under the hood near the left fender or close to the cowl on the right side. It can be hidden by a cover or a dead end connector.

What is the location of the OBD port?

The OBD Port, is the location where you can plug in any OBD tool into the vehicle to pull vehicle information. It is also the primary location of tracking devices such as dongles as the port provides ongoing power to the device.

How do you get the Flash codes off a 1994 Ford?

Write the codes down as they are flashed to you. Turn the engine off and remove the Ford’s key. Remove the jumper wire from the engine and close the hood.