Where is Frankie J from?

Tijuana, Mexico
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Is Frankie J Filipino?

Francisco Javier Bautista Jr. (born December 7, 1977), better known by his stage name Frankie J, is a Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and former member of the musical group Kumbia Kings. Born in Mexico, he grew up in San Diego and became a freestyle artist under the stage name Frankie Boy in the late 1990s.

Who is Frankie J wife?

Grace Bautistam. 2000
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Is Frankie Negron married?

Nancy Negron
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What is Frankie J doing now?

In the midst of the quarantine and social distancing, Frankie J (real name: Francisco Javier Bautista, Jr.) is focusing on his health, spending time with his family, and making home renovations at his San Diego residence.

Who inspired Frankie J?

One of Frankie’s earliest memories, according to an article in People, is of “my dad waking up in the morning and listening to Spanish music on this old-fashioned radio.” By the time he was six, he was imitating singer Michael Jackson’s dance moves, an act that never failed to amuse his parents.

Who influenced Frankie J?

Are Frankie J and Baby Bash related?

It’s been a while since Frankie J and rapper Baby Bash put out music together. It was here that he eventually partnered with Frankie J, who was part of Selena’s brother’s group, Kumbia Kings. Their collaboration “Suga Suga” ended up on Baby Bash’s major-label debut album.

Where did Frankie J go to school?

Southwest High School
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Where is Baby Bash now?

He started from humble beginnings and has swiftly risen through the ranks of his career to become a household name in the music industry. If you were wondering what happened to Baby Bash, he is still active in the industry and performs in various concerts in different locations across the United States.

What is Baby Bash ethnicity?

Bryant was born in Vallejo, California to a Mexican mother and a White father from Mendota, California. Bryant was raised by his grandmother, and Bryant’s father and uncles exposed him to many different types of musical genres. Initially, Bryant wanted to be a professional basketball player.

Is Baby Bash from Fresno?

Ronnie Ray Bryant (born October 18th, 1975), formerly known as Baby Beesh and best known as Baby Bash, is a Mexican-American rapper, hailing from Vallejo, California.