Where do you get the ferry to Block Island?

WHERE DO THE FERRIES ARRIVE ON BLOCK ISLAND? All Traditional and Hi-Speed ferries departing from our Pt. Judith, Newport, and Fall River locations will dock in downtown Old Harbor, Block Island, located in the center of town.

What ferries take you to Block Island?

Ferry Transportation

  • Block Island Ferry: provides year-round service from Point Judith, RI.
  • Block Island Hi-Speed Ferry: A state-of-the-art High Speed Catamaran, the high-speed ferry sails mid-May through mid-Oct.
  • Newport to Block Island Ferry: The high speed “Islander” ferry is currently running through August.

How much does it cost to take a ferry to Block Island?


Priority Adult Round Trip $74.00
Child One Way $15.63
Priority Child One Way $18.50
Child Same Day Round Trip $29.50

Do you need reservations for Block Island Ferry?

Passenger tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the ticket window on the date of travel. The traditional ferry is our year-round service ferry. Vehicle transport is available only on the traditional ferry and must be made in advance by phone at 866-783-7996 Ext 3.

Can you swim to Block Island?

Block Island has beaches for walking, sunbathing, surfing, surfcasting, swimming, relaxing and so much more. When people ask why there are so few pools, it’s easy to answer that we are so furtunate to have such natural assets.

Do I need a car on Block Island?

Block Island is so manageable, you do not need a car.

What is the nicest beach on Block Island?

The 10 Best Block Island Beaches

  • Mansion Beach.
  • Mohegan Bluffs.
  • Crescent Beach.
  • Scotch Beach.
  • Fred Benson Town Beach.
  • Baby Beach.
  • Black Rock Beach.
  • Surf Beach.

Can you drink on Block Island beaches?

Coolers are allowed on the beaches. However, alcohol is not allowed on “State Beach” If you walk into the pavilion at “State Beach” and walk about 50 yards to the left you will pass a red post in the sand. This marks the end of the “State Beach” (Lifeguard on duty area) and “Scotch Beach begins.

How far is Newport RI from Block Island?

Optimal route map between Newport, RI and Block Island, RI. This route will be about 41 Miles.

Can you bring a car to Block Island?

It isn’t easy to take a car to Block Island, but you won’t really need a car to enjoy your island escape, especially if you visit during the busy summer tourism season. Beaches, shops, restaurants and several inns and hotels are all located within walking distance of the Old Harbor ferry terminal,…

How do I get to Block Island?

The best way to get to the island is by ferry from Pt. Judith, RI or you can fly from Westerly RI. In addition to the beaches and nature trails, Block Island is also well known for shipwrecks and it has a long maritime history.

What is the cost of the Block Island Ferry?

Here are a few other tips you should know about the Block Island car ferry: Taking your car to Block Island will not be cheap. As of 2019, the one-way rate for a standard size vehicle is $39.60 , and round-trip cost is $79.20 . Higher rates apply for SUVs, pickup trucks and other larger vehicles. The traditional ferry makes the trip between Point Judith and Block Island in about 55 minutes.