When does House of Night Legacy come out?

P.C. Cast announced on her website that a graphic book adaptation of the House of Night series, titled House of Night: Legacy, would be published in monthly issues by Dark Horse Comics starting the November 9, 2011. The comic book spanned five issues, each relating to a different element.

Where does the House of night take place?

The House of Night campus is in the real life campus of Cascia Hall Preparatory School, and the climactic scene of the first book in the series takes place in the extensive gardens of the Philbrook Museum of Art.

How many House of Night books are there?

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Who are the main characters in House of night?

The following lists a number of the characters in House of Night. Zoey Redbird: the main protagonist of the series. Neferet: Main antagonist and former High Priestess, now immortal Consort of Darkness and witch Queen of the Tsi Sgili. Aphrodite LaFont: Former “hag from hell” and Zoey’s enemy in the first book.

Is the House of night a New York Times story?

The House of Night is a thrilling, New York Times … Dare to enter the HOUSE OF NIGHT, the phenomenal #… Dare to enter the House of Night with the next fou… Na het succes van de eerste Huis van de Nacht-omni… La serie de la Casa de la noche está ambientada en… Contiene: Indómita, Atrapada y Tentada. Contiene: Abrasada, Renacida y Predestinada.

How are imprints broken in House of night?

An Imprint can be broken through death, the vampyre Imprinting upon another, or through mystical means; when an Imprint is broken, it causes considerable anguish for both the vampyre and the human. The series has a strong religious setting, with both Christianity and the beliefs of the vampyres a common thread throughout.