What nationality is Nalbandian?

David Nalbandian/Nationality

Is Brownie a surname?

The surname Brownie (Arabic: براوني) is borne by more people in The United States than any other country/territory. Click here for further possible spellings of Brownie.

Is Dubai a surname?

How Common Is The Last Name Dubai? This surname is the 172,166th most prevalent last name on a global scale, held by approximately 1 in 2,916,185 people. The last name occurs mostly in Asia, where 72 percent of Dubai are found; 52 percent are found in West Asia and 42 percent are found in Levant.

What is a short last name?

Wishlist To Cart Details. Short is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It was a name given to a person who because of their physical characteristics was named short. In this case the surname Short can be traced back to the Old English word sceort which means short.

How tall is David Nalbandian?

5′ 11″
David Nalbandian/Height

Did David Nalbandian win a major?

3 in March 2006. Nalbandian was runner-up in the singles event at the 2002 Wimbledon Championships. During his career, he won 11 singles titles, including the Tennis Masters Cup in 2005 and two Masters 1000 tournaments….David Nalbandian.

French Open SF (2004, 2006)
Wimbledon F (2002)
US Open SF (2003)
Other tournaments

Did David Nalbandian win a Grand Slam?

David Nalbandian/Grand slams won (singles)

Who beat Djokovic Nadal and Federer?

At the US Open, Djokovic beat Federer to reach his third Major final, although Nadal won once again to complete his Career Grand Slam. With this win, Nadal became the first player to win three Majors on three different surfaces in a single calendar year (Djokovic later achieved this feat in 2021).