What kind of battery does a YFZ 450 take?

Battery Type: YT7B-BS AGM battery with Nut & Bolt (T3) terminal is a rechargeable, powersport battery. Versatile Fit: This Sealed AGM battery fits in a variety of applications, ranging from motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, and more….Specifications.

Brand Chrome Battery
Contains Batteries Y

Is the KFX 450 a good quad?

It’s incredibly fast in reverse, even faster than some other quads in second gear. Starting the Kawasaki is easy whether the engine is hot or cold. We have ridden many sport ATVs that require a little finesse and maybe a prayer or two if you stall them when they’re hot, but the KFX450R fires up with no problem.

How much horsepower does a KFX450R have?

The compression ratio in the KFX450R is 12:1. The engine requires a minimum of 91 octane fuel. The engine puts out 43 HP and 31.1 foot pounds of torque.

What battery does a 2006 YFZ450 take?

Product details. 2006 Yamaha YFZ450 450CC Factory Activated, Maintenance Free, ATV Replacement Battery – One Year Warranty, 12V, 6Ah, UB-YT7B-BS.

Is a 2012 Yamaha YFZ450 fuel Injected?

The Yamaha YFZ 450R is a motocross ATV that shuns popular convention and offers an enticing combination of wonderful handling, comfortable ergonomics, and uncompromising performance. On top of that, the ATV also incorporates Yamaha Fuel Injection that comes with a big 42mm Mikuni throttle body and 12-hole injector.

Does a KFX450R have reverse?

The KFX450R is the only machine in its class to offer a reverse gear. A reverse gear on a race quad? “Why not,” says Kawasaki.

How much does a KFX450R weight?

865.3 pounds

Kawasaki KFX 450R Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Front Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 163 mm (6.4 inches)
Rear Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 200 mm (7.9 inches)
Curb Weight (including fluids) 392.5 kg (865.3 pounds)
Dry Weight

Do KFX 450 have reverse?

Yes all the kfx 450’s have reverse, don’t think the zuki’s or yams have reverse on the 450’s…..

How much horsepower does a KFX 700 have?


Engine Type 4-Stroke SOHC
Starting System Electric
Displacement 697 cm³ / 42.5 in³
Maximum Power 48.7 hp/49.4 PS (36.3 kW) @ 6,500 RPM
Maximum Torque 59.2 Nm (6.04 kgf-m, 43.67 ft-lb) @ 5,000 RPM

What does the R stand for on dirt bikes?

The ‘R’ denotes a race bike built for the motocross track, and the ‘RX’ denotes a race bike built for the trail. If you look at the smaller CRF125F you’d know it’s a four-stroke because of the CRF prefix, the 125 tells you it has a 125cc engine, and it’s a beginner bike because of the ‘F’ after the 125.

What’s the price of a new Yamaha yfz450r?

The latest 2020 Yamaha YFZ450R retails for $9099 MSRP ($9499 for SE model). With no other 450-class quad competition on the market, the price can’t be compared for low or high value.

What’s the difference between the 450 and the 450R?

04-05 are relatively same. 06-09 standard are relatively same. then 09+ R everything is different. Click to expand… Those are the differences, so almost everything changed in the 450R is achievable with aftermarket parts on the normal 450 except for the fuel injection, integrated oil tank & aluminum frame.

What kind of fuel injection does a Yamaha YFZ450 have?

First and foremost, the ’06 doesn’t have fuel injection. Instead, the Keihin FCR carburetor needs to be manually adjusted for airflow changes (elevation, exhaust, filter, airbox mods, etc…) by adjusting the main and pilot jets, plus the needle.

What kind of handling does a Yamaha YFZ have?

The YFZ is known for it’s point-and-shoot handling characteristics with exceptional turn-in and traction through the corner. Knife-handling is what you can call it. It is predictable and just puts a smile on your face every single time you ride it.