What is the best wedding checklist?

You’re on a roll …

  • Choose bridal party attire and accessories.
  • Reserve ceremony and reception venues.
  • Book officiant.
  • Hire photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ/band, florist, and planner.
  • Mail your Save the Dates.
  • Purchase wedding dress, veil and undergarments.
  • Establish a fitness routine.

How do I make a wedding checklist?

12 Months Out

  1. Determine Your budget.
  2. Make a Guest List.
  3. Decide Formality and Overall Theme.
  4. Select the Venue.
  5. Choose a Color Theme and Start Thinking of Overall Design.
  6. Hire Vendors Who Book Up Quickly, Including Your Photographer, Band, DJ, and Videographer.
  7. Start Shopping for Your Wedding Dress.

How do I print a checklist from the knot?

Click the PRINT PREVIEW button on the upper right corner of your budget. The printer-friendly version of your budget launches in a new browser window and is a display-only page. 2. Click the print icon in your browser, or choose PRINT from your browser’s FILE menu.

How do I plan my wedding in 5 months checklist?

How to Plan a Wedding in Five Months or Less!

  1. 1) Decide Must-Haves.
  2. 2) Get Organized.
  3. 3) Book Your Venue First.
  4. 4) Choose Attire.
  5. 5) Book Vendors.
  6. 6) Define your Style.
  7. 7) Designate Helpers.

How do you start planning a wedding?

10 Wedding Planning Tips Start a wedding binder or folder for all of your wedding planning tips, notes and ideas. Attend the wedding shows in your city. Determine the budget for your wedding. Start to work on a guest list. Reserve a date and the venue for the big day. Choose who you would like to have in your wedding party.

What are the steps in planning a wedding?

The first 8 Steps to Planning a Wedding 1. Take your time 2. The Ring 3. Spread the Joy 4. Make a Loose Plan 5. Gather Inspiration 6. Weddings on a Budget 7. Plan, Plan, Plan 8. Set a Date

What is the timeline for planning a wedding?

While your timeline could be short or long, we’ve found that between 9 months and 1 year is an average and ample amount of time to plan an ideal wedding. To begin, start by choosing your wedding date so you know when to start the planning process. Information- find a way to store all wedding related materials.

How do I plan my own wedding?

How to Plan Your Own Wedding 1. Set a Budget 2. Make an Inspiration Board on Pinterest 3. Choose Your Bridal Party 4. Get Organized 5. Pick a Time frame 6. Create Your Guest List 7. Go the DIY Route 8. Read Your Contracts Thoroughly 9. Create a Schedule of Events 10. Make it Legal 12. Have fun!