What is shellac paint used for?

Shellac has been used for centuries to seal wood and other surfaces. Good for interior paint jobs, shellac-based primers are possibly the best stain-blocking primers, working well on severe water and smoke damage to walls and surfaces — they even seal in smells from smoke damage.

What is white shellac?

Shellac-Based White Interior\Spot Exterior Primer and Sealer can be used in low temperatures and sticks to any surface without sanding. The primer seals stains from water, smoke and fire damage. It also stops bleeding knots and sap streaks.

Is there white shellac?

White Pigmented Shellac Primer can be used as a full interior primer or as a spot exterior primer and permanently seals out the toughest stains and odors in one coat.

What is a shellac based paint?

Shellac based primers (made by beetles and used to decorate the fingernails of women) are all designed for the same purpose. They adhere to problem surfaces and block out stains. You can use them as an adhesion primer for painting over old varnish, stain, plastic, existing oil-based paint, metal and ceramic tiles.

Can I put shellac over paint?

Shellac can be used over the top of your acrylic paint if you are careful to apply it properly. You can use one coat to seal the wood. All you need to do is rub it on liberally and then wipe the surface to seal it.

Does paint stick to shellac?

Shellac is a type of glossy varnish typically applied to wood cabinets. Unlike painted cabinets, the glossiness of shellac does not hold paint well unless you prepare the surface before you apply the paint, requiring extra preparation.

What are disadvantages of using shellac?


  • Shellac is not very durable and is prone to damage.
  • This finish is not heat-resistant. As a precaution, avoid placing hot pans or objects on it.
  • Another drawback is that shellac is not water-resistant, hence unsuitable for areas such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Is Zinsser a bin shellac?

B-I-N® is the ultimate shellac-based primer, sealer and stain killer. It is perfect for use on interior surfaces and spot priming of exterior surfaces. B-I-N® is the ultimate shellac-based primer, sealer and stain killer.

Are there different colors of shellac?

Shellac comes in many warm colours, ranging from a very light blonde (“platina”) to a very dark brown (“garnet”), with many varieties of brown, yellow, orange and red in between. The colour is influenced by the sap of the tree the lac bug is living on and by the time of harvest.

Is shellac primer alcohol based?

B-I-N synthetic shellac-based primer sealer provides excellent whole-surface and exterior spot stain blocking with fast dry time and low odor. Bulls Eye® Shellac is an alcohol-based solution of lac available in Clear and Amber tones. Bulls Eye® Shellac is easy to use and dries quickly.

Can I shellac over paint?

Can shellac go over white paint?

Yep. Shellac will trap moisture under the finish, which will cause the finish itself to bubble, flake, and peel over time.

Can You varnish over shellac?

You can apply oil-base varnish (non-poly) over shellac without any problem. And it doesn’t matter if the shellac contains wax or not. The combination of a coat of shellac followed by a few coats of oil-base varnish will produce an attractive and durable natural finish.

What paint brush is used for shellac primer?

A high quality white china bristle is the best brush for shellacs. Natural filaments are not damaged by alcohol. Tinted shellac primer is a thicker product than clear finishing shellac, but still thinner than paint. Use a white china bristle brush when using tinted shellac.

Can shellac be painted over?

Shellac can be painted over with either latex or oil-based paint. So, if you want to use acrylic house paint, don’t do the shellac primer. For that, take a normal primer – oil-based, if you can get it.