What happened on the Japanese hell ship Shinyo Maru?

Shinyo Maru was attacked by the submarine USS Paddle on 7 September 1944. Two torpedo hits sank the ship and killed several hundred US, Dutch and Filipino servicemen. Japanese guarding the prisoners opened fire on them while they were trying to abandon ship or swim to the nearby island of Mindanao.

Did the Japanese drown prisoners?

In an attack on a Japanese convoy by the American submarine USS Paddle, 668 Allied prisoners of war were killed fighting their Japanese guards or killed when their ship, the SS Shinyō Maru was sunk….Shin’yō Maru incident.

Date September 7, 1944
Result United States victory Major loss of life among American POWs

How many Americans died on hell ships?

21,000 Americans
More than 21,000 Americans were killed or injured from “friendly fire” from American submarines or planes as a result of being POWs on what the survivors called “hell ships.”

What were the hell ships in World War II?

Montevideo Maru was the first of the so-called “hell ships” to be sunk by the U.S. Navy, on 1 July 1942 (NH 111585)….Hell Ships Sunk by Allied Forces, 1942–1945.

Ship Name Date Sunk
Kachidoki Maru 12 September 1944
Rakuyo Maru 12 September 1944
Junyo Maru 18 September 1944
Hofuku Maru 21 September 1944

Did the Japanese drown American soldiers?

But the pair’s plane ran out of fuel, leaving Gaido and O’Flaherty stranded in the Pacific. Japanese troops later drowned both men after interrogating them for information on the U.S. fleet.

How many POWs were killed by the Japanese?

3,500 POWs
Approximately 3,500 POWs died in Japan while they were imprisoned. In General, no direct access to the POWs was provided to the International Red Cross. There is a great deal of evidence the ICRC did visit some camps which were made ‘presentable’ to them by the Japanese.

How did the Japanese respond to the sinking of the Arisan Maru?

Similarly, the Japanese were slow to furnish lists of casualties following the sinking of Arisan Maru. State made further inquiries on January 10 and February 22. Initial inquiry concerning the sinking of Oryoku Maru was not made until March 5.

How did the Japanese get information about the hell ship?

This was usually done via the International Red Cross. In the case of the “hell ship” victims, the Japanese War Prisoners Information Bureau compiled lists and sent them to their consulate in Bern for transmission to the Red Cross. Getting information from the Japanese often took a lot of time and repeated attempts.

Where did the Americans go on the Oryoku Maru?

To do so, Japanese troops herded them by the hundreds into the holds of merchant ships that also carried supplies and weapons. Jacobs ended up on the Oryoku Maru:

How many American POWs died on the Oryoku Maru?

Between twenty and thirty prisoners had died of suffocation or were murdered during the night. If that was not bad enough, the merchant ship was a target for U.S. planes and submarines, whose crews did not know they were also loaded with American and Allied POWs. In mid-December 1944, they attacked and sank the Oryoku Maru.