What does Rainmaker mean?

A rainmaker is any person who brings clients, money, business, or even intangible prestige to an organization based solely on his or her associations and contacts. The rainmaker is usually regarded highly within the company by other employees and is a key figure like a principal, partner, or executive.

Why is it called rainmaker?

The word “rainmaker” stems from Native American culture, which embraced the idea that an individual could bring rain through mysticism, religion or science. Now the term is broadly used to classify any individual who brings about a high-level of success, particularly in terms of revenue and sales.

Is Rainmaker a true story?

It turns out that no crimes even vaguely resembling the movie were ever found to have occurred at the time. Joel Coen later clarified that the movie is based on an actual event, but that the surrounding story is fictional.

What is another word for unconquerable?


  • bulletproof,
  • impregnable,
  • indomitable,
  • insuperable,
  • insurmountable,
  • invincible,
  • invulnerable,
  • unbeatable,

What is a rainmaker award?

The Office of Research & Economic Development, Campus Federal Credit Union, and the Council on Research have established the Rainmaker Awards, given each year to faculty who show outstanding research, scholarship, and creative activity for their respective ranks and discipline.

Did John Grisham appear in The Rainmaker?

It stars Matt Damon, Claire Danes, Jon Voight, Mary Kay Place, Mickey Rourke, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Roy Scheider, Virginia Madsen, and Teresa Wright in her final film role….The Rainmaker (1997 film)

The Rainmaker
Narration by Michael Herr
Based on The Rainmaker by John Grisham
Produced by Michael Douglas Fred Fuchs Steven Reuther

How does Rainmaker end?

Miss Birdie – Nothing happens! Why couldn’t she end up having the money after all, and leaving it to Rudy in her will. Instead we find out nothing; she simply returns to congratulate him. So they never get the money, but drive off in the sunset and he quits law.

Which is the best definition of a rainmaker?

Definition of rainmaker 1 : a person who produces or attempts to produce rain by artificial means 2 : a person (such as a partner in a law firm) who brings in new business also : a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success Other Words from rainmaker Example Sentences Learn More About rainmaker

Who are the actors in the movie The Rainmaker?

The Rainmaker: Directed by Joseph Anthony. With Burt Lancaster, Katharine Hepburn, Wendell Corey, Lloyd Bridges. During the Depression, a con-man promises rain to a desperate drought-ridden Kansas town and marriage to a local desperate spinster.

Who was the con man in the Rainmaker?

During the Depression, a con-man promises rain to a desperate drought-ridden Kansas town and marriage to a local desperate spinster. Here are the movies we’re most excited for in 2021.

What’s the name of the rainmaker in Florida?

— Kelly Crow, WSJ, 28 Apr. 2021 Although severe weather is not expected, Wednesday’s storms are expected to be a solid rainmaker, with up to 3 inches possible by Friday. — Dallas News, 29 Dec. 2020 Eta has been a big rainmaker more than anything, and more rain is expected for Florida this week.