What does it mean to be called a warrior?

noun. a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier. a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.

What words mean warrior?


  • dogface,
  • fighter,
  • legionary,
  • legionnaire,
  • man-at-arms,
  • regular,
  • serviceman,
  • soldier,

What is the meaning of a warrior in the Bible?

Jesus tells us to count the cost before we make this all-important decision (see Luke 14:27-33). A Christian warrior wages an ongoing battle against every form of pride in their life. The Christian call to be a warrior means that we shred pride in our lives. This is a daily battle.

Who is an example of a warrior?

The definition of a warrior is a person experienced in conflict or battle. An example of a warrior is a soldier. An example of a warrior is a person who is actively involved in stopping neighborhood drug problems; a neighborhood warrior.

Who is a warrior in life?

A warrior lives his life strategically. He would attend a party or reunion like that only if his stategy calls for it. That means, of course, that he would be in total control and would perform all the acts that he deems necessary.

What are the qualities of a spiritual warrior?

8 Traits of a Spiritual Warrior to Help you Combat Avidya

  • Awareness. A spiritual warrior must possess expanded awareness.
  • Courage. A spiritual warrior has courage.
  • Discipline. Next, the spiritual warrior possesses discipline.
  • Relentlessness.
  • Cunning.
  • Patience.
  • Sweetness.
  • Love.

What is the spirit of a warrior?

The warrior commits to growing the heart and soul in becoming a creative being. The warrior serves in love of strangers and gives generously while giving to themselves. The spiritual warrior seeks to change others with rational and compassionate decision-making in service of a higher goal.

What are warriors weaknesses?

Weakness: Turnover Prone Speaking of possessions becoming more valuable, the Warriors tend to give up too many freebies.

What does a warrior do?

A warrior is a person specializing in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based warrior culture society that recognizes a separate warrior class or caste.

What is the definition of a warrior?

Definition of warrior.: a person engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly: a person engaged in some struggle or conflict poverty warriors.

What is the word for Warrior?

A warrior is a fighter or soldier, especially one in former times who was very brave and experienced in fighting. Synonyms: soldier, combatant, fighter, gladiator More Synonyms of warrior.

What are girls names that mean fighter?

The baby name Hedvige is a girl name. The name Hedvige comes from the French, France origin. In English The meaning of the name Hedvige is: fighter Information: Name: HedvigeName meaning: fighter Gender: Female / Feminine / Girl / GirlsOrigin of name: French, France.