What does high concept mean in film?

What Is High Concept Fiction? A high concept story is one with a clear, easily-communicable premise. It typically involves a premise that is easy to pitch and driven by a straightforward plot. This is in contrast to low concept stories, which tend to be more character-driven with less of an obvious narrative hook.

What is a high concept example?

Extreme examples of high-concept films are Snakes on a Plane and Hobo with a Shotgun, which describe their entire premises in their titles. A movie described as being “high-concept” is considered easy to sell to a wide audience because it delivers upon an easy-to-grasp idea.

Is Jaws a high concept film?

Films like Jaws and Jurassic Park are clearly high concept, and they’re great films.

What is a concept movie?

A concept is the very basic idea of the film which gives you an outline of the final story for the main character in your movie.

What is a high concept pitch?

A high concept pitch is a single sentence that distills your company’s vision. As a result, the high concept pitch is the perfect tool for consumers and fans who are spreading the word about your company. Investors use the pitch when they tell their partners about your company.

What is the meaning of high concept?

: having or exploiting elements (such as fast action, glamour, or suspense) that appeal to a wide audience high-concept movies.

How do you write a high concept pitch?

KEEP IT PITHY: A High Concept pitch should be one to three sentences long, max. Write anything longer and you risk losing interest. Some of the most memorable pitches are short and because of their conciseness, more impactful. So don’t over-write, keep it simple.

What is a low concept film?

Low concept is a story that puts focus on the world and characters surrounding the plot, instead of the plot itself.

Which of the following are examples of ways that Hollywood films successfully competed with television in the 1950s and 1960s?

Which of the following are examples of ways that Hollywood films successfully competed with television in the 1950s and 1960s? -produced their own films, distributed them through their own outlets, and exhibited them in their own theaters.

How do you develop a film concept?

By Marilyn Horowitz

  1. Here’s the Exercise: There are three steps to developing material concept first.
  2. Trace the source of your original inspiration for the idea. How did you come up with the idea?
  3. Complete the “What Happened Was…” exercise. Take a character from your screenplay.
  4. Identify the concept.

What is the opposite of high concept?

The opposite of High Concept would be Low Concept. In other words, you can’t boil down the premise of a show to a simple pitch or tag line.

What is high concept plot?

High concept means that a novel/movie/TV show’s plot can be described very succinctly in appealing fashion.

What is high concept?

High-concept is a type of artistic work that can be easily pitched with a succinctly stated premise. It can be contrasted with low-concept, which is more concerned with character development and other subtleties that are not as easily summarized. The origin of the term is disputed.

What is film concept?

The concept is simply an idea of what the Movie will be about. Generally a writer or director will develop a concept. From there, if funding is required, a “Spec Script” may be written and presented to a board.