What does FCW off mean on Jeep?

“Changing the FCW status to “Off” prevents the system from warning you of a possible collision with the vehicle in front of you. NOTE: In the “Off” setting FCW OFF will be displayed in the EVIC. NOTE: • The system will retain the last setting selected by the driver after ignition shut down.

Where is the FCW sensor located?

lower grille
The sensor is located behind the lower grille. In absence of visible obstructions on the bumper, it could be necessary to wipe off the radar directly on the surface, after having the radar cover removed.

What does FCW unavailable service required?

The “ACC/FCW Unavailable Wipe Front Radar Sensor” warning will display and also a chime will indicate when conditions temporarily limit system performance. This most often occurs at times of poor visibility, such as in snow or heavy rain.

How does Jeep forward collision warning work?

Available Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking 5 uses radar sensors to detect if your Compass is approaching another vehicle too rapidly and will alert you and apply the brakes if necessary. Now standard on Limited and Trailhawk® models.

How do you turn off the FCW on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It looks like one other way you can turn it off is through the UConnect settings screen. That was described in the quick guide… you can set it to FAR, NEAR and OFF.

How do you turn off emergency forward warning light?

The system can only be reset by stopping the car, turning off the ignition and then re-starting the engine.

How does forward collision warning system work?

Forward-collision warning (FCW) uses cameras, radar, or laser (or some combination thereof) to scan the road ahead and to alert the driver if the distance to a vehicle ahead is closing too quickly. The systems alert the driver with an audible, haptic (touch), and/or visual cue.

What is radar sensor dirty?

Your radar sensors and cameras can get dirty any time of the year. Road dirt can build up on the lenses, rendering your Distronic Plus autonomous cruise control and other radar systems inoperable. Even a small dent in your bumper can shift the bumper sensors and cause incorrect readings.

Why is my FCW light on?

FCW stands for forward collision warning. The most common reason that this light will come on is when someone stops suddenly in front of You and the vehicle engages the brakes for You. This feature alerts the driver when there is a possibility that the vehicle may collide with another detected ahead.

What does FCW mean?

Forward Collision Warning
How Does FCW Work? The Honda Forward Collision Warning, or FCW, system detects a possible collision with a slower moving or stopped vehicle by scanning the road ahead of you.

What is FCW on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Our Cherokee has a Forward Collision Warning (FCW) that emits a chime if the car suspects the driver is approaching an obstacle too quickly.

What does it mean when your FCW is off on a jeep?

Frustrating since it disables cruise control even if you are not in ACC mode. After a few minutes of driving I get the FCW OFF indicator and a message indicating the ACC Sensor needs to be serviced. Hoping to take it in to the dealer on Monday. Brought my Jeep into the dealer today, they downloaded a bunch of codes and sent me on my way.

When does the FCW off message come on?

Every 2 miles or so “FCW OFF” and “Please clean lens” message comes on. Pretty annoying. Ideas? I’ve only had it happen once, when the lens was definitely very dirty.

When to FCW off, please clean lens?

Same thing here! 2011 JGC O Summit and the lens is clean… driving down freeway on cloudy day. Every 2 miles or so “FCW OFF” and “Please clean lens” message comes on. Pretty annoying.