What does anti pollution faulty mean?

The Anti Pollution Fault is a fault that can appear on the information display in the instrument cluster. The reason why this fault occurs differs from model to model. This can cause the engine to misfire, that leads to the anti pollution fault. Another common problem in the MEV17.

What is anti pollution fault c5?

The “anti-pollution” fault message is a generic one that covers virtually any fault with the engine electronics. It just means that the ECU has detected a problem and set a fault-code in the memory. If the voltage of the whole car falls, then it displays “economy mode” and all non-essential electrics die.

What does anti pollution fault mean on Peugeot 308?

If you have noticed that the Anti-pollution warning message has come up on the dashboard, then you have a problem with the Peugeot Emission Filter (PEF). This filter is responsible for removing any harmful particles, from the exhaust system.

What is the anti pollution system?

The Anti-pollution system warning light usually indicates the cars catalytic converter. is getting clogged. Your car need to get the catalytic converter hot in order to burn the rubbish out. It will not clear if the cat is not hot. A lower gear 20 mile or so run should start to clear the problem.

What is Depollution in a car?

If your car has had its time and is being sent to the scrapyard, it’s known as an end-of-life vehicle (ELV). There are many special safety regulations which have been put in place for the handling and disposal of ELVs before they can be scrapped.

What does anti pollution fault mean on Citroen Berlingo?

As for Dpf, an 09 Berlingo won’t have one. Anti pollution is just used to indicate an engine management fault. More than likely egr as said but impossible to say unless it’s looked at with diagnostic equipment by someone competent.

What kind of DPF does a Peugeot 407 have?

2006 Peugeot 407 2.0HDi 136 auto – Depollution system fault and fuel additive/cleaner – Railroad. Your car has a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) fitted. Although we like to think that diesel engine cars are cleaner than they used to be, and they are a bit, the fact is they are still dirty and inefficient.

How does the Peugeot 407 auto depollution system work?

After a while the filter becomes full and the engine control unit will adjust the engine running to burn out the soot and clear the filter. This is known as regenerating. For this to happen you must be driving at more or less a constant speed of about 60mph for about 20 minutes at least.

Why is the ECU warning light on on my Peugeot 407?

A few days ago I started my 407 one morning and the engine instantly stalled. After starting it again the ECU warning light came on and stayed on with a ‘Depollution system faulty’ message on the display. After half an hour of driving the light and message disappeared and hasn’t come on since.

Why does my Peugeot have an anti pollution code?

I did some digging elsewhere Eurovan site i think mainly and came across someone else with a recurring anti pollution when they booted it. Turned out they had this P1425 code also. Seems this is actually caused by the differential pressure sensor being faulty. A common fault by all accounts. I got one from Peugeot at around �40 inc VAT. Fitted it.