What do you call fans of EXO?

EXO-L is the collective name for the fanbase, individually, fans are called Stars/Aeris. The fans used to call themselves EXOtics & EXOstans, unofficially. The ‘L’ hand sign, previously used by Lay, has become the fans’ sign.

How do you name a fan club?

Fan base names range from cute to crazy….5 Ways To Choose A Perfect Name For Your Fan Base

  1. Personify Your Own Name.
  2. Make a Play On Your Name.
  3. Use One of Your Songs.
  4. Make It An Army.
  5. Choose Something Meaningful to You.

Is lay still part of EXO 2021?

Yes, Lay is still a member of EXO.

What can I name my fans?

From Barbies to Maggots: The Nicknames of 25 Fan Bases

  • Fanilows – fans of Barry Manilow.
  • Beliebers – fans of Justin Bieber.
  • Little Monsters – fans of Lady Gaga.
  • Claymates – fans of Clay Aiken.
  • Maggots – fans of Slipknot.
  • Black Stars – fans of Avril Lavigne.
  • Blockheads – fans of New Kids on the Block.

Are there BTS haters?

Reasons to Hate BTS – Despite being one of the most popular Boys Bands, BTS still has a few haters who are looking for Reasons to Hate BTS.

Do any EXO members have girlfriends?

Xiumin is the only EXO member who has reportedly never dated anyone. Fans have tried to dig up his past but came up with nothing. But he did reveal his ideal type of partner is someone charming like Lee Bo Young.

Who is the oldest in EXO?

Even though his looks make him appear as the youngest member, he is actually the oldest. Xiumin is afraid of cats because he was attacked by one when he was young.

How did the exo fanclub get its name?

Some fans were upset that EXO’s fanclub is “EXO-L” rather than “EXOTIC,” as fans had started to call themselves, but the name makes a lot of sense from SM Entertaiment’s point of view- the letter “L” is in between “K” and “M,” like EXO-K and EXO-M. So the fans, according to the name are in between the members.

What does the L stand for in EXO L?

“L” also stands for “love,” hinting to the love between the members and their fans. While those fans may be upset, EXO-L is an understandable fanclub. Here are a few more that make sense. The YG Entertainment’s girl group’s fans are known as “Blackjacks,” which makes perfect sense.

What’s the name of Zhang Yixing’s fanclub?

“From what I know, Yixing calls his fan by the name ” Xingmi”. Even his prev DP on weibo, its the pic said “ Xingmi, the best” , so I believe Yixing’s fanclub name is Xingmi .“ From what I know, Yixing calls his fan by the name “ Xingmi”.

Which is the most obvious K-pop fan club name?

BBC may actually be one of the most obvious K-Pop fanclub names out there. While “Inspirit” isn’t a real word or acronym like 2NE1 or Block B’s fanclubs, INFINITE’s fanclub’s name literally breaks up into the wards “in” and “spirit.”