Is Warrnambool a good place to live?

Vibrant, dynamic and fast-growing…it’s easy to see why Warrnambool City is consistently ranked as one of the most liveable locations in Australia. Be it for the natural wonders at your doorstep, the affordable housing, or the laid back lifestyle, you’ll enjoy being a part of amazing Warrnambool.

What’s Warrnambool famous for?

The Warrnambool CBD is particularly notable for its number of roundabouts.

  • War Memorial, Warrnambool.
  • Overview of the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum.
  • Lighthouse at the Maritime Museum.
  • Looking up from the water at the Maritime Museum.
  • Warrnambool Harbour looking north from the breakwater.

What do locals call Warrnambool?

bul’ and this became the name of the new settlement.” So what did the original inhabitants really call the area now known as Warrnambool? According to Critchett’s book, the land where the city lies was called “Wheringkernitch” in the local dialect.

Is Warrnambool safe?

Peaceful town with beautiful views of Lake Pertobe and the sea. Feels safe (low burglary rate and car theft) except late at night in town when people are under the influence. Unfortunately new land developments and cheap new houses make Warrnambool look like a cookie cutter suburb.

What are the disadvantages of living in Warrnambool?

Social disadvantage, material deprivation, and poor living and working conditions are clearly linked to poor health. Likewise tobacco use, alcohol use, lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet also contribute to ill health.

What shops are in Warrnambool?

The plaza comprises of Kmart, Coles, Aldi, Best&Less, The Reject Shop, Chemist Warehouse, Australia Post and Tattslotto outlet, and a variety of fashion, food and service retailers.

What is Warrnambool good for?

Top Attractions in Warrnambool

  • Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. 918.
  • Bay of Islands. 676.
  • Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground. 579.
  • 4. Logan’s Beach. 433.
  • Thunder point Coastal Reserve. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Warrnambool Breakwater. 155.
  • Fletcher Jones Garden and Antiques and Collectibles Market.
  • Warrnambool Botanic Gardens.

What is the Aboriginal word for Warrnambool?

The Gunditjmara or Gunditjamara, also known as Dhauwurd Wurrung, are an Aboriginal Australian people of southwestern Victoria. They are the traditional owners of the areas now encompassing Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Woolsthorpe and Portland.

Is Warrnambool A good place to retire?

Warrnambool is a great place to live for all residents, in every neighbourhood and at every stage of life. With unsurpassed access to the natural environment, affordable and appropriate housing, access to high quality services and a safe community, Warrnambool offers the highest standards of liveability.

What is the main street in Warrnambool?

Liebig Street
A look at Warrnambool’s Liebig Street over the past year | The Standard | Warrnambool, VIC.

What is the population of Warrnambool?

2036 39,900
Regional City of Warrnambool

Local Government Area (LGA) City of Warrnambool
Estimated Population, 2036 39,900
Population Growth between 2015-2020 0.9% per annum
Forecast Population Growth 0.8% per annum from 2016 to 2036
Output $1.9 billion Gross Regional Product

Where is the city of Warrnambool in Australia?

Local government area in Victoria, Australia. Location in Victoria. The City of Warrnambool is a local government area in the Barwon South West region of Victoria, Australia, located in the south-western part of the state.

What to do in Warrnambool for a weekend?

Warrnambool Australia is a thriving coastal community with spectacular scenery, fascinating history, and unbeatable surf. So whether you are with the family, arriving as a couple, or a solo traveller Warrnambool is the perfect culmination to your Great Ocean Road adventure or the ideal place for a weekend away.

Which is the best route to go to Warrnambool?

Warrnambool is a major destination for people travelling along tourist routes including the Great Ocean Road, Princes Highway and the Melbourne-Warrnambool railway. Green Futures Now!

What’s the average temperature in Warrnambool during a heatwave?

On average, annual rainfall is higher than in other areas of the State. During the heatwave in southeastern Australia, Warrnambool recorded a maximum temperature of 44.8 °C (112.6 °F) on 7 February 2009. Source: Bureau of Meteorology.