Is there a cheaper alternative to Urban Outfitters?

Missguided. Missguided is a popular, more cheap store like Urban Outfitters. Most of their items are under $50, with some shoes and exclusive collections slightly above.

Are ASOS and Urban Outfitters the same?

In my opinion, ASOS is the shop that is most like Urban Outfitters in terms of style and the variety of options they offer. ASOS is way more size-inclusive too – with sizes ranging from tall to plus to petite to maternity and more. The prices are pretty similar to Urban Outfitters too. Click here to check out ASOS.

Is Pacsun like Urban Outfitters?

PACSUN is the trendy retail destination for California cool teens. While many of their styles feel similar to Urban Outfitters they tend to carry more grunge pieces and work with distinctly coastal brands like Brandy Melville.

What kind of clothing is Urban Outfitters?

Founded in 1970 in a small space across the street from the University of Pennsylvania, Urban Outfitters now operates over 200 stores in the United States, Canada and Europe, offering experiential retail environments and a well-curated mix of on-trend women’s and men’s clothes, from boho dresses, denim and graphics to …

Is Urban Outfitters good Reddit?

Quality is iffy, but they have a lot of sales and tend to carry stuff that caters to a younger audience. Decent oxfords and knits, great socks, and sometimes they carry Unbranded denim. I’d avoid their house branded shoes and most of their graphic tees, but other than that I haven’t had any issues.

Are there any other stores like Urban Outfitters?

Instagram To make sure you’re always dressed to impress, we’ve found 15 other trend-forward clothing stores that are similar to UO. From wedding guest dresses at Reformation, to flattering basics from Frank and Oak, there’s something below for every Urban Outfitters obsessive.

Which is better Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters?

This means that while the clothes at Anthropologie might not be as modern as the ones from Urban Outfitters, you will not be lacking in bold, stylish clothing at all when you choose to shop here. This store also carries plus sizes, which is very important for some women.

What was the original name of Urban Outfitters?

Back when Urban Outfitters was first founded, it wasn’t actually known as Urban Outfitters. It was actually known as Free People, as it was focusing on letting people express themselves freely through their clothes. As the company grew, it branched into other names, including Anthropologie.

What kind of fiber does Urban Outfitters use?

#joinlife Care for fiber: Sustainably Grown European Linen. Sustainably Grown European Linen is farmed using a natural irrigation system and no genetically modified seeds or defoliants. This process is water-friendly and helps to protect the environment.